Sunday, December 1, 2013

#814: Joshua Joscelyn(?)*

Joshua Joscelyn used to work with Kent Hovind’s creation science ministry, as a park guide at Dinosaur Adventure Land, and head of publications and the apologetics departments as well as producer for the popular series, Creation in Common Sense. In 2010 he resigned, however – as any person who comes to her or his senses would do. Joscelyn, however, did not come to his senses.

Apparently Joscelyn resigned because the ministry was not sufficiently uncompromising, didn’t unhesitatingly accept the absolute literal truth of the King James Bible (over all others), because they paid taxes and allowed Calvinists on their programs. In short, they sold out. And didn’t pay Joscelyn enough. Currently he is affiliated with the libertarian party and has at least experienced one failed bid for a seat on the local water board on a fluoride conspiracy platform.

Diagnosis: I guess one could say that the events show that Joscelyn is (somewhat incoherently) principled. More than that, however, they show that he is batshit crazy.

*The question mark signals that, despite all the crazy we have come across thus far, I am not completely convinced that Joscelyn is not a poe.

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  1. I am married to Kent's brother, and knowing him for over 40 years, I can tell you that Kent is nothing like he would have you believe. Joshua's comments about Kent having his ministry as a mistress is exactly on target. Kent was a tyrant as a husband from the first day of the marriage. He is arrogant and narcisstic and the true example of a Pharisee. His priorities have always been. 1. Kent and his needs 2. His ministry and maybe God came in number three. but his wife and family were at the bottom of his list. He emotionally and spiritually abused his wife Jo for the whole marriage.
    He never loved her like Christ loves the church or treated her with kindness or comoaddion. She was in a subservient role. He never cared about his kids interests and did not Attend any of their activities or functions. His pride was so strong and he constantly bragged about how many times he preached or how many people he saved. I believe God used Kent in spite if himself. In the Bible, God talked thru a donkey. Not one member of Kent's family supports him, because we all know him too well. He is judgemental. Arrogant and has no compassion. I find it pretty ironic that he judged everyone who divoriced as wrong and now it's ok because he wants to get remarried. Kent's wife and. Children have so much integrity and Christian ethics that they are not responding to Kent's ridiculous utubes. What kind of a ,,Christian man would publickly insult and condemn his family. Also. many of the things he says are outright lies. I could go on and on and give examples but mostly I want people to know the truth about Kent