Saturday, December 7, 2013

#821: Loretta Kemsley

Loretta Kemsley is editor-in-chief of Moondance magazine, a feminist magazine focusing on women’s issues internationally. That is well and good; unfortunately Loretta Kemsley herself is a relativist denialist of the worst kind – the type of fanatic nutjob that (explicitly, in fact) rejects any evidence that goes against what she already thinks are the claims that would best serve her political agenda.

For instance, Kemsley has written rabidly angry screeds purportedly refuting evolution. The reason evolution is false, is because the theory was devised by misogynists in the 19th century and is being used by misogynists today to justify, well, misogynism. Which, of course, is not a reason to believe that the theory is false, but that, of course, is too subtle a point for Loretta Kemsley.

She does, indeed, provide another argument or two to bolster her case for the falsity of evolution. Those arguments she got from none other than Jerry Bergman. Yes, that Jerry Bergman.

Diagnosis: Loon. Kemsley is one of quite a few post-modernist-inspired newagers whose beliefs, it seems, is based on the assumption that everything is politics and therefore just unjustified opinion. Moron.

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