Thursday, December 5, 2013

#819: Dwight Kehoe

There is certainly something frighteningly typical about Dwight Kehoe, and to get an idea of what kind of loon we are dealing with, you can for instance look up his suggestions for how to deal with terrorism (“The Reality Doctrine”), namely by using terrorism ourselves – because as long as it is used by us it is justifiable.

Kehoe, a Tea Partier whose ramblings are posted for instance at and Conservative News and Views, is primarily an ardent birther, however. Indeed, Kehoe has not only taken aim at the “cult-like” defenders of Obama (those who dismiss his birther fantasies) but also flamingly criticized other wingnuts for their failure to take up the birther cause; here, for instance, he is calling out Glenn Beck for Beck’s failure at critical thinking on the issue. Kehoe does suggest, though, that Beck is afraid – the government is pretty clear that they don’t want to be questioned on issues like these, and “there is already a trail of dead journalists and bloggers who may have not heeded such warnings,” Kehoe points out (but does not back up with anything resembling evidence). Fortunately for us, I suppose, Kehoe is willing to take the risk.

Here is Kehoe’s April 2013 summary of the State of the Nation, in which he points out things the rest of us have missed, such as how Obama is “giving billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood” and “the Democrats, unconstitutionally, keep expanding ‘early voting’ for Presidential Elections, which allows unfettered and behind closed door cheating.” (No, he doesn’t understand that Constitution thing, but it sounds nice in a sentence, doesn’t it?) And not only that, “[r]egardless of the fact that the earth has been cooling for almost 2 decades and global warming studies have been proven to be intentionally falsified [no citations, of course], the Carbon Tax push continues to be on the agenda of the left,” and – get this – Obama is issuing executive orders; clearly he must be a pawn of the communists, devil and secular humanists.

Kehoe is, of course, also a young-earth creationist, and he has a slam dunk argument against atheism (or evolution – Kehoe doesn’t distinguish): “If there is no divine direction or control of natural selection, considering the billions of years of ungodly evolution and the hundreds of millions of spawned species, why has no other creature developed to the extent that humans have?” (No, he hasn’t bothered to check whether there already exists answers to the challenge), and no, he doesn’t have the faintest understanding of evolution.) He lays out his thoughts on the issues here, though I don’t recommend following the link – it will make you stupider.

Diagnosis: The epitome of the embarrassing, crazy old uncle who ruins family dinners. His influence is pretty limited, however, and he is more amusing than anything else.

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