Thursday, December 26, 2013

#844: Gene Koonce

Gene Koonce is the President of VIBE Technologies, LLC in Greeley, CO. They sell stuff, and as you might expect, the stuff Koonce is out to sell you has to do (at least according to the marketing) with healing, and with vibration, and hence we are up for some truly serious woo: “We at VIBE Technologies are committed to raising the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vibrations of each living individual on the planet,” says the VIBE people.

One of the great inventions manufactured by VIBE technologies is the V.I.B.E. machine. How does it work? It is an “electronic device that brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state of being. VIBE stands for Vibrational Integrated Bio-photonic Energizer” (which I think means that it is a lamp). It is worth quoting the product description in some detail:

Human DNA conformational changes have been previously used to measure energetic influences of subtle energy generated by healers. This new bio-assay measures direct resonances with the physical DNA as well as underlying quantum process associated with hydrogen bond formation. Experiments reported here were designed to measure possible correlations between psychotronic and biochemical measurement of DNA in real time as physical DNA rewound following thermal denaturation. Physical measurements of DNA were made in NY using a spectrophotometer and radionic measurements were made in Ohio using the Harmonic Translator. An active phone line created a connection between the two locations and allowed exact timing for simultaneous measurements using both devices.”

Oh boy. They used real phone lines. Clearly this must be taken seriously, though we were, admittedly, not aware that DNA worked the way the authors claim it works. There is also a lot of talk about energy and intent:

Have you ever wondered why one person walking down a dark alley at night will get mugged while the previous person goes by untouched? Bad things may happen to apparently ‘good’ people and good things may happen to seemingly ‘bad’ people. This phenomena is all based upon the level of positive or negative energy that they are sending out into the Universe. You are like a radio tower that is constantly sending out a certain frequency of energy. Your thoughts and feelings together create an ‘energetic blueprint’ that is constantly being emitted out into the world. The interesting thing is that this vibration is always being reflected back to you, showing up as physical results in your life. What you send out is EXACTLY what you get back!

I don’t think the universe works that way.

What about the experiments they are talking about ? The study in question is called “Clinical study on Direct Correlations between Psychotronic and Biochemical Measures of Human DNA”, and the authors are:
- Glen Rein, who does Quantum Biology Research for The Society for Scientific Exploration, where he has also contributed “Homeopathy: Energetic Mechanism For Information Storage”; and
- Peter Moscow, who is a holistic philosophy consultant.
In other words, they are precisely the kind of "researchers" whom you'd suspect would be able to find the contraption to be effective.

In any case it seems that the V.I.B.E. machine is unavailable at present: “Currently the V.I.B.E. Machine is going through FDA clearance …,” says the company’s website, which should be translated into saying that the FDA sent Koonce a rather angry warning letter. Fortunately, “[i]n the meantime, learn how to heal your mind-body with ancient techniques in our Manifesting Manual,” which is probably just as effective and much cheaper.

Diagnosis: Since this is, by assumption, not fraud, we have to conclude that there is some serious crazy going on here. It is doubtful that the efforts of VIBE Technologies will have very much impact, however. 


  1. This new bio-assay measures direct resonances with the physical DNA as well as underlying quantum process ...

    Unless it is a physicist trying to convince some government consortium to fund some new particle collider, you can safely assume that anyone who uses the term "quantum" in a sales pitch is trying to fleece you.

  2. Sounds promising! What if? I dont get it - who is the good guy: the one who got mugged or the one that sent out such terrifying quanta that he was left alone?

  3. As against the naysayers who have absolutely no real knowledge or experience with this machine and just like to call anything like this fake or dangerous (remember that the FDA's primary job, in reality as against what they say they do, is to protect corporate monopolies, which generally means multi-billion dollar drug companies, and public safety is really secondary, as long as they can get away with it), I really do have experience with the VIBE machine. Not my machine, but used them from other people who had them. They really do work. I had a health condition that needed some immediate attention, and the regular MD couldn't even tell anything was wrong (that's normal), which was successfully treated by the VIBE machine. I didn't finish dealing with what I was dealing with because of the cost of using it (and finished dealing with my condition with acupuncture), but it unquestionably made a difference when I was using it. In my case it was behaving kind of like an antibiotic, in that I discovered that stopping in the middle of the course of treatment allowed the condition to come back and then the VIBE machine didn't work so well anymore. But of course that would depend on the kind of condition a person is dealing with. My knowledge of the machine indicates that it can function in different ways simultaneously.

    It is much more valuable when people who comment on things actually have some first hand knowledge of what they are talking about. Without it, the comments don't really have any credibility.