Sunday, December 15, 2013

#833: Atiba King

I think this is him, but if anyone
knows otherwise (in the ordinary - not
King's - sense of know) please
inform us.

Atiba King calls himself “Non-domesticated thinker”, which – as you would expect – means batshit insane rambler unfettered by reality, evidence, logic or reasoning. Apparently he is influenced by his own take on Egyptology, rejecting the interpretations of those trained by the culture of the European worldview and their imperialistic science – which is just one (wrong) form of knowing anyways. After all, when King applies his powers of intuitions he comes to entirely different results, and what better evidence can you get that European science is wrong? Instead, King proposes what he calls “Kemetic teaching”, which is “analogous to the spiritual concepts of traditional Native American teachings,” and which comes to a lot of conclusions that European science would never come to (complete with quantum woo).

King runs the website Tehutionline, where you can buy stuff and learn about Kemetic Astronomy, which is “the basis of modern astrology,” and apparently just as trustworthy. In fact, according to King the Egyptians invented pretty much everything, which was subsequently stolen by the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and so on. Even if King’s justification for the claims ever extended beyond his own imagination, Kemetic Astronomy, as the foundation for astrology, would not be a particularly good example of ancient wisdom that was subsequently stolen. Apparently the ancient Egyptians were monotheistic as well (so Christianity was stolen from there). Evidence? It coheres (well, in a sense) with whatever else King wants to believe, which apparently includes hardcore fundamentalist near-Christianity.

You can learn how to become one with the NTR Ausar (a.k.a. “God”) here.

Oh, and when The Secret came out? King just incorporated that one into his teachings. Just as well, I suppose.

Diagnosis: I suppose reality becomes so much more fun when you invent it yourself. King is otherwise probably rather harmless.

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  1. Pretty sure this is Atiba King from Detroit, brother of drummer Leonard King. Pretty harmless guy who's over influenced by Cheick Anta Diop and later sloppy reinterpretations of Diop like Martin Bernal's Black Athena. Considering that he was a musician in 1960s Detroit and probably influenced by Sun Ra and similar types who were on a mystic Black Power/Egypt kick, he seems more like a 60s hold over than a true loon, especially when compared to some of the other notables in this Enyclopedia, many of whom are pretty nefarious characters.