Friday, July 4, 2014

#1105: Robert Salas et al.

Robert Salas is a relatively well-known UFO author and alleged whistle-blower, and apparently something of a legend in the UFO community. Together with with Robert Hastings and James Klotz, Salas was behind The Echo Flight UFO Incident (March 16, 1967) and The Oscar Flight UFO Incident (March 24, 1967), both based on military incidents that allegedly occurred at Malmstrom Air Force Base in March 1967 but were later proven to be hoaxes. It does not seem, however, and despite the obvious fabrication of data, that Salas thinks of the events as hoaxes. An overview of the story and the claims involved can be found here. Basically, for the first “incident”, Salas et al. took as their point of departure an actual incident during which an entire flight of ten Minuteman Missiles was disabled by an electronic noise pulse within the logic coupler located in the launch control center of Echo Flight at Malmstrom, and claimed that the incident was the result of a UFO incursion. They procured plenty of witnesses, the main drawback being that when an attempt to confirm the claims of the alleged witnesses was undertaken all the witnesses Salas et al. had named insisted that the testimonies they were reported as giving were fabricated, that no UFOs were sighted, reported, or investigated, and that the actual cause of the missile failures was well established to be an electrical malfunction by those charged to investigate the incident. The authors were also shown to have altered facts about the event to make it more exciting-sounding. And so it goes.

The hoax got some attention through their attempts to take it to Washington in 2010. Prior to the meeting Salas confidently asserted that “the US Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it.” He failed. Here is an apparently gullible interview with Salas.

Thing is, it is not entirely clear whether Salas et al. are themselves aware that the hoax is a hoax – probably not, insofar as they have used their (relative) fame to travel around giving presentations at various village idiot gatherings.

Diagnosis: Might possibly be a fraud, but is more likely just plain ol’ crazy. Relatively harmless.


  1. You guys rock -- thanks for the fun!

  2. My mind's made up , don't bother me with the facts.

  3. Debunking articles like this are clutching at straws and trying everything to stop people thinking there is anything in this subject. The guys telling the truth. End of

  4. A friend and colleague of mine investigated CE3s in Russia at the request of the KGB in 1989 when a series of landings

    occurred in Voronezh. They landed in a football park witnessed by 30 children. They landed on a nuclear asset site - and

    left after being fired upon - witnessed by two soldiers whom he then interviewed, and in various other settings. They were

    very tall, and benevolent. A high-ranking military friend of his told him that hovering UFOs helped to avert the Chernobyl

    reactor from reaching critical mass and exploding. Not only are we not alone, they are already here.

  5. How sad that your last thoughts will be they will save us. When we came to America we brought the plague to the Native Americans and killed many without any effort. The same will happen to us, it is inevitable. A virus will take out most and then they will cage the rest for experimentation. God forgive those left alive...

  6. These events happened at Malmstrom afb in 1967. But also at Minot afb 1966 and 1968. At Loring afb 1975. Warren afb 2010. Incursions also took place in 1979 Soesterberg Base in the Netherlands and in 1980 RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge.Also the USSR in 1982(Ukraine) nukes were not just shut off but the launch sequence was activated.

    All events have testimony by the people involved.

    You can hoax one event, but not many worldwide. It happened, period. Now senator Gillibrand has made an amendment to the NDAA bill to force the DoD to release this info to congress. The bill passed.