Monday, July 14, 2014

#1119: Jim Schneider

Yet another one of those. Jim Schneider is a “Crosstalk” host and pundit for VCY America, and a wingnut’s wingnut if there ever was one (and there is). And Schneider advocates all the positions you’d expect. For instance, he is a gun rights advocate, and of the kind who claims that universal background checks would lead us down a slippery slope to “confiscation” and “tyrannization” and, finally, Hitler. Hosting Michael Hammond, legislative council of Gun Owners of America (who agreed that there is a “real danger” that those would in turn lead to “extermination” and “genocide” not unlike in Nazi Germany), they managed to whip themselves into an impressive frenzy of conspiracy mongering, arguing that gun control advocates “bear some responsibility” for the Sandy Hook shooting; and that liberals have become “paranoic” and “racist against people who hold traditional American values.” Though it doesn’t look that way, they probably know what words mean – they just don’t care.

And don’t get him started on gay rights. When hosting PeterLaBarbera to talk about Michael Sam, Schneider wondered if the NFL is “going to be requiring some kind of homosexual quota in the future,” presumably because it is currently controlled by Satanic forces.

Diagnosis: We could go on, but we won’t bother. You get the gist. 


  1. You got room in your dictionary for me?

    I hate the LGBT movement with a passion!

    1. I hate bell peppers. Hating something doesn't make you loon (even if hating groups of people might make you a bad person). Whether you qualify as a loon depends on what *reasons* you use to rationalize your hatred or what delusions you harbor about what the LGBT movement is up to.

    2. I hate the LGBT movement because it's wicked.

      Now do I qualify?