Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#1120: Pam Schuffert

At least Pam Schuffert seems to be bent on making paranoia into an artform. The main idea is that the US is under attack. We just don’t know it yet: “Both Russian sources and US military have confirmed a huge military tunnel beneath the BERING STRAIT, linking SIBERIA with ALASKA. No, it was not DUG out, but BORED OUT using nuclear power that melted it’s way through solid rock, six miles a day.” (The sources are not further specified, but note the delectable use of random capitalization). I don’t think paraphrasing can add much to the original, so let us allow Schuffert herself to explain:

The SHADOW GOVERNMENT and the MANY nations behind the scenes who hope to get a ‘PIECE OF THE PIE’ AS AMERICA IS DIVIDED UP, her Constitution and sovereignty rescinded, her Patriotic and religious freedom fighters rounded up or killed off, sent to the camps Bolshevik communist style, to be tortured and killed as NWO resisters … But since I know that the Kings of the East will be coming to America down through Alaska and Canada it is easy to see that it is more than likely true. This article also says (see above link) that there are already 200,000 foreign troops massing in the Bering Strait area which is not unusual.” Those last two sentences kind of lose touch with meaning and semantics, but the gist is clear:

It is also common knowledge to those who ‘have ears that hear and eyes that see’ that there are at least 100,000 Mexican troops on America’s southern border with Mexico under the guise of fighting a drug war. I believe the drug war is being used as a distraction to cover up the fact that the Mexican troops and other nations troops stationed down there will be used to strike at the belly of America at the appointed time …

In the two short videos below [no link given here] they talk about guillotines that are now secretly being stored here in America. I’ve been hearing stories about these guillotines for many years now. This video report says that these guillotines are now and have been stored in America for quite some time. Also according to this video these guillotines will be used to decapitate Christians and others who do not go along with the New World Order.

Schuffert’s blog, americanholocaustcoming is, in other words, a must-read for anyone fascinated by the seriously crazy. Schuffert also has a substantial profile at educateyourself, the poor sibling of whale.to, but I won’t link to it since most browsers recognize it as a source of malware.

She also writes about “A dark satan-driven agenda reminiscent of a previous Illuminati-spawned NAZI FASCIST HOLOCAUST, and a previous Illuminati-inspired Bolshevik Communist holocaust created against the Christians in Russia and sweeping throughout the former Soviet Union,” which seems to be contrary to the usual impression that the church has gained an enormous influence over current Russian politics. But you never know, I suppose. Against reality and evidence stands a vision of a military takeover that Schuffert apparently dreamt straight from Jesus. Her views have apparently been corroborated by the findings of William Pabst, one “researcher” Karen Lee Bixman (no idea), “researcher” Serge Monast (!) and pretty much the entire whale.to, which Schuffert apparently trusts without hesitation or exception.

So what can you do about the impending doom? “Because we now know for a certainty that the NWO plans to heavily use the railroad system to transport millions of anticipated prisoners rounded up under martial law to the FEMA/DHS camps for elimination, I encourage readers nationwide to go peacefully to their local railroad stations and tracks and spend quality time in powerful prayer for God to hold back this heinous agenda.

Yup. That’ll show’em.

Schuffert’s rants appear to have been taken up also by something called Roy Taylor Ministries, who seems to add yet another layer of medieval metaphysics to it all (his “Global Warming and the Sixth Angel” is illuminating, for instance, and you can see him try to do genetics here: Apparently he proves that the Genetic code is the Genesis word in the Book of Life. Proof? “[A]all living cells contain the ‘STUFF OF LIFE,’ and that these living cells perceive, and obediently respond to unseen ‘COSMIC FORCES’. Scientists say that these unseen ‘COSMIC FORCES’ are not yet understood. In other words what this book is really saying is that these cells of life, receive and obey unseen forces that are spiritual (cosmic) in nature. The Bible says that these ‘COSMIC FORCES’ (that scientists say, MAKE LIFE HAPPEN), are actually ‘SPIRITUAL FORCES,’ the Bible calls these unseen spiritual forces ‘THE WORD OF LIFE’.” QED – but the whole thing is really worth reading).

Diagnosis: I suppose we ought not be too mean to Schuffert, and I am not sure evidence is what she needs right now. Show her some love, will you?

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