Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#1132: Sophia Shafquat

A.k.a. Sofia/Monica Smallstorm

Sofia Shafquat is another ridiculous Internet cult-celebrity of the Nancy Lieder type. She made her name for her movie “9/11 Mysteries Part 1: Demolition”, a truther pseudo-documentary intended to be the first installment in a series of three. Though it apparently looked convincing to many of those already committed to trutherism and uninterested in applying any kind of critical approach to claims purportedly supporting claims they are already committed to, Shafquat’s flick received some criticism when it was discovered that she had a edited the footage, erasing sounds and adding her own background noises, in particular explosions before and after the towers fell. Apparently she also got sued for copyright infringement by the guy who had taken the footage used in the movie. Shafquat subsequently disappeared from the web for a while in 2009.

With regard to the quality of Shafquat’s investigations, it is perhaps worth quoting her: “Right, people want me to be absolutely precise. Umm, I say that the demolition wave is moving faster than gravity itself. It is making the path for the demolition, which is falling at free fall speed. Virtual free fall speed. Again it is hard to determine how long did it take for the towers to fall visually, and I know there is seismic data that pegs it, you know, a little more accurately. Regardless, I tell people, these buildings fell in 10 seconds, they’re 110 stories. Now let’s just use our mouth to demonstrate this. If a pancake collapse can be described as ‘clunkity clunk’. How many times can you say that in 10 seconds? And if one floor is ‘clunkity clunk clunkity clunk’ you cannot say that 110 times in 10 seconds. So let’s even give it the benefit of the doubt, let’s just take off the ‘clunk’. Let’s just say ‘clunkity’. You can’t say that in 10 seconds, 110 times.” No, it’s not a parody. There were idiots nodding sagely in agreement with this kind of reasoning.

Around 2013 Shafquat reappeared, however; this time as an “expert” on chemtrails, as well as engaging in Sandy Hook conspiracies – her powerpoint presentation “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions” is apparently on youtube. Not particularly surprising, really – even back in her truther days, she would market Holocaust denial material on her website.

Diagnosis: Worthy of comparison with legendary Internet kooks such as Nancy Lieder, Nancy Luft and Gene Ray himself. No, really: This is kook gold.


  1. G.D.,


    I am trying to reach you concerning a matter dealing with libelous statements and copyright issues regarding a profile you created about me that goes beyond free speech. I have no way of reaching you here and ask that you contact me asap at 800-783-7429 to discuss the matter. If you opt to disregard, I will be seeking to hire an attorney to obtain a subpoena to submit to blogger.com to reveal your information and to file suit for defamation. It is strongly advised that you make an effort to contact me and correct the misinformation on your site or face civil penalties. While you have every right to cite me as a "loon," you do not have a right to mask yourself and violate the law. I would prefer to amicably resolve the issues rather than being tied up in court for years as I'm sure you would prefer as well. I also would appreciate a deletion of this comment once you contact me. Thank you.

  2. Um, you realize that the official 9/11 Commission outright lies about the construction of the Twin Towers and pretended that the famous 47 steel central columns in each tower didn't exist, right?

    Compared to magnifying the volume of explosions in a recording for effect, doesn't the misrepresentation/lie of how the towers were constructed (to sell the "pancake collapse theory" to the public) seem the more egregious of the two acts? Where is the entry talking about how the 9/11 Commissioners are "loons?"

  3. Through meaningful discussions/conversations with people both face to face and online about the 911 "official story", I find that those that continue to support/endorse/believe the so-called official version simply are not paying attention -- sometimes, because to do so, threatens a complete break-down of long-held belief systems.
    Any clear thinking person should immediately question why secrecy surrounds any big event -- and why known time lines and aspects of the event are either misrepresented or ignored.
    Group think and subservience to authority are preferred -- as the "official version" of the 911 attacks does not welcome independent thinking, healthy skepticism or sensible examination.

  4. I sense a complete lack of interest in anything you have to say, as evidenced by the painful lack of comments on any of your entries. Poor you.

  5. Conspiracy theorists live in a wonderful magic world where neither truth or logic have any great role or influence.

  6. What's great about idiotic blogs like this... it draws the attention of the permanently brain-dead populace, while only certifying the credulous integrity of the people you're greatly overpaid to act as an Antagonist.

  7. Great article, mate. This loon has blipped on our radar for her support of the Hampstead 'satanic panic' hoax which has wrecked a number of innocent people's lives.

  8. Thanks for maintaining this blog--it's a great resource for those of us who aren't hard-of-thinking. Sofia Smallbrains has now latched onto the Hampstead SRA hoax, surprise, surprise! She's supporting two wanted criminals who've been on the run for two years.

  9. Just wanted to say that I knew Sophie when we were undergrads at Brown in the late 70's and she was a sweet, smart, and pretty girl with a lovely, somewhat mysterious accent, who was liked by all. She showed no evidence whatsoever of any sort of dishonesty, hatred, or conspiracy whackiness. As annoying, even pernicious, as she is, please try to reserve some pity for the fine young woman she once was, as it is obvious that something dreadful must have happened to her. Mental illness, I suppose, is the most likely candidate.

  10. Love this website. Thank you. Understand now why America is so right wing crazy. It's way over represented in loons.

  11. For more on the "All Governments Are Corporations Hoax", see comment TWELVE (12) here. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?99447-Rod-Class-his-many-hoaxes&p=1175009#post1175009

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  13. Sofia is a CHAMP
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