Monday, July 21, 2014

#1127: Wesley Scroggins & Melissa DuVall

Wesley Scroggins is apparently an associate professor of management at Missouri State University. In 2010 Scroggins wrote an article called “Filthy books demeaning to Republic education”, in which he claimed that L.H. Anderson’s Speak, Slaughterhouse Five and S. Ockler’s Twenty Boy Summer should be banned because Scroggins is a deranged hater they “expose children to immorality,” and at least be removed from the high school English curriculum. And because of Scroggins’s complaint the school board in Republic, Missouri, did indeed vote to ban the latter two books from the school library. Said Board Member Melissa DuVall: “We are not going to make everybody happy – and rarely do we […] What we have to be proud of is we took a complaint, we took is seriously and we gave it due diligence.” In other words, DuVall is possibly as intellectually unqualified for her position as it is possible to be. At least the actions of Scroggins and the school board generated some noise. Still.

Diagnosis: Haters gonna hate, and Scroggins is a hater. DuVall, on the other hand, seems primarily to be merely helplessly incompetent.

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