Sunday, July 20, 2014

#1126: Shirley Scott

Shirley Scott is a clairvoyant, a medium and an “animal communicator” offering spiritual readings and counselings to the Walla Walla area. You can see her on youtube talking about animals and the afterlife here. She has even written books. Religion vs. Spirituality, One Psychic’s point of view was apparently, by one reader, described as taking “the ‘woo-woo’ out of what being psychic really means,” which really makes one wonder what the comparison class might have been. How old are We “talks about how old our souls are and where we might have come from. It talks about the Universe and the laws that run it and us.” It is all made up, of course – or “intuited”, as they say, a popular way of getting the answers you want to stuff you don’t know anything about – but is probably comfy and appropriately fluffy for her audiences. Her CD Telepathy and Animal Communication will give you the basics for starting “to communicate with your pets and other animals by giving you tools to practice so you will begin having better conversations with your pets and understanding what they want from you.” The tools have not been tested on animals. Or anything else.

Diagnosis: Nothing distinguishes Scott from other online clairvoyance services, and I think she was noticed for inclusion through an Amazon recommendation. But she definitely fills the bill quite nicely.

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  1. May I assume we still be seeing stephanie seneff soon? And Jeffrey Smith?