Thursday, March 5, 2015

#1307: Amy Allan & Steve DiSchiavi

The Dead Files is a television series that runs on the Travel Channel. It features psychic medium Amy Allan and former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi as they investigate locations reported to be haunted. Allan says she was tormented by shadow people (popularized by Heidi Hollis at Coast to Coast AM in the early 2000s) at age four and has developed psychic powers in the meantime. She used to work odd jobs as a private investigator and security guard before finding this new source of income in the area of ghosts and gullible TV viewers. 

The show’s setup is really just an extensive hot reading adapted to the pseudo-documentary format. Allan and DiSchiavi supposedly do separate investigations of locations reported to be haunted and only compare notes at the very end. Invariably, Allan claims to be in psychic contact with ghosts who tell her what happened at the location, whereas DiSchiavi's research remarkably backs it all up. It’s hard to imagine anyone really falling for it, but they do, indeed.

Diagnosis: It’s pretty hard to treat Allan and DiSchiavi as if they believed their own bullshit; but in any case, anyone who has ever been fascinated by their show deserves an honorable mention in our Encyclopedia.


  1. U r trashing people.What is ur evidence to say everyone is a fraud. How can u determentate there frauds what ur evidence.

  2. Wait ... there actually are people out there who actually believe that these people are genuine psychics who actually locate ghosts? I see that I suggested so in the "Diagnosis" section, but wasn't sure I really believed it.

    Evidence? Well, the fact that there are no ghosts and no psychics would be a good start. But even if there were, Allan & DiSchiavi's use of hot readings and editing really gives the game away in their case, doesn't it? Would I ruin your day if I told you that professional wrestling is theater, too?

  3. Be sure to remember to make a listing for yourself on this rather asinine and elitist website of yours, because your lunacy has them all beat. It's a "fact" there are no ghosts? LOL. Just because you don't have sex with a woman until you're 37 doesn't mean intercourse doesn't exist. And their work is no different than any detective - do you think every piece of evidence found at a murder scene is germane? So if it's not, according to you a murder didn't happen then, right genius? I hope you enjoy Hell... you'll be there a long time, and being as stupid as you are, you'll be a riot.

  4. I like to watch the show and beat off to all the faces amy makes when shes talking to ghosts. I like to pretend im the ghost and shes mediuming the ectoplasm out of my ghost cock.