Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#1326: Cindy Asmussen

Cindy Asmussen is the Central Texas Area Director for the wingnut organization Concerned Women for America. They apparently have chapters all over the place, each of which apparently contains at least a few people like Asmussen (the south Texas area director, Pat Hanson, has for instance been involved in fighting the teaching of evolution and global warming in Texas public schools) – we won’t be able to cover them all, of course, but Asmussen can stand as an illustrative example .

So Asmussen doesn’t fancy gays. In 2011, for instance, she received some attention for her plea to boycott Macy’s over the company’s LGBT rights policy. In fact, Asmussen wasn’t just concerned about “the lesbian, ‘gay,’ bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) agenda in our nation;” she also complained against the Obama administration’s efforts to fight both legal and social discrimination against LGBT people around the world. Such efforts, said Asmussen, infringes on the rights of people who don’t support LGBT rights and undercut ‘ex-gay’ reparative therapy. And that, Asmussen, is the kind of claim that will land you an entry in our Encyclopedia.

Of course, Asmussen has deluded herself into believing that she is the victim: “LGBT activists want to alter OUR lifestyles by intimidating us into accepting what we know is not of God, by trying to inhibit our free speech rights and abilities to speak out against it, and by forcing us to use the same dressing rooms.” Yes, people like Asmussen say things like that, even though it is so ridiculous that no minimally reasonable person could actually consciously believe it is true. We are hence forced to conclude that Asmussen is repeating it without actually thinking about what she is saying. In other words, she is bigotbotting.

Diagnosis: Bigotbot.     


  1. Phil Robertson (the duck douche) definitely belongs here once you get to the late R's.

  2. I'm Alan Rasmussen. My last name comes from Denmark where it was given to sons and sometimes daughters of men named Rasmus. Cindy has lost her R somewhere along the way, which must stand for her Reason and her Rational Thinking. Or it means she's a child of "Asmus" and now she's dropped the mus, making her as As[s].