Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#1320: Robert Antonellis

We don’t really know who Robert Antonellis is, but apparently he’s got computer and Internet access, and is not afraid to use it to spread his ideas about how the world hangs together (at his website christianclout.com – feel free to check it out). Basically, he is engaged in combat with our evil overlords, the ones that are trying to … well, lets let him try to spell it out himself:

The Clintons and the ‘Mainstream Media’ have been hiding their involvement in the creation of the man-made pandemic called AIDS and that this dread disease serves Jewish interests. And they have hidden the truth that they exported poison blood from an Arkansas prison for injection into the arms of black school children in Africa, to fulfill China’s Africa Policy: exterminate the indigineous population to make room for wave upon wave of Chinese immigrants yet to come. Once China occupies Africa, they will seize control of the Mediterranean Sea and choke off America’s primary source of energy. This is the reason the Jews (disguised as environmentalists) have not allowed America to drill domestically for oil or build nuclear power plants for decades. And once China controls the Mediterranean Sea, they can turn the continent of Europe red with communism and the blood of Christians, and finally fulfill the Jew’s eternal goal: to plant the head of the Pope on a pole in Vatican City in sight of the Holy See.

Quite so. And they seem to be onto him for figuring it out. “Here’s a short list of the well funded people and organizations which may exact their revenge against me in court: Jane Fonda, Mike Savage, Ted Kennedy, Dominose, Bain Capital, Wal-Mart, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, Target, Jimmy Carter, Rush Limbaugh, Tyson Foods, Warren Buffet, Matt Drudge, Walter Kronkite, H.B. Hunt, Barney Frank, Microsoft, Obama, Star Market, The Oprah, President Hu of China, IBM, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John McCain, General Electric, Feingold of McCain-Feingold, Comverse, The Bushes and the Walker klan, Odigo, Duval Patrick, Hugo Chavez, Citgo, Petrol Express, Merryl Lynch, King of Dubai, President of Iran, Fundtech, Putin, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Spielberg, Rupert Murdoch, the Rothchilds, Dick Morris, New York Stock Exchange, George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Rockefeller Institute, Mayor Michael Bromberg, Fred Thomas, the Warburgs, Mitt Romney, Domino’s Pizza, Papa Johns, et al.They’re allin it together, and they are all closely monitoring him.

Diagnosis: You know there are people you can talk to, Bob? 


  1. Seems his site is down, perhaps this entry is in for a review...

  2. Never realized that both Dominos Pizza and Papa Johns Pizza was part of the New World Order.

  3. He cornered me at a Breitbart Meetup in Boston and he is one wing-nut: a homophobic, numerologist, 9/11 truther. A real secret squirrel. I guess he's anti-Semitic too. I guess I was wrong when I first believed he was harmless. I guess he's not.
    You can't miss him. He wears horned-rim glasses. He looks like a math teacher or a more-sweaty, less-friendly Bill Nye The Science Guy.