Sunday, November 3, 2013

#778: Brannon Howse

Brannon Howse is the leader of the ultrafundamentalist Worldview Weekend and a Christian conspiracy theorist whose version of the classic New World Order conspiracy involves pretty much everyone except Howse and a few ravingly mad premillenialist fanatics. It used to be the Jews of course, but at present the conspiracy involves UN, all liberals, gays, scientist, Catholics and everyone else you care to name, including the New Apostolic Reformation and its allies (also here). In short, it’s the conspiracy of reality and sanity (+ the New Apostolic Reformation, which is not associated) pitted against Howse and a select few Taliban illiterates, and they are tirelessly out to get him, all the time and everywhere. To Howse the motivation of his enemies, reality and civilization, is to glorify Satan. His rhetorical style (and logic) has been described as “unique”. Virtually everyone Howse disagrees with is designated as “a Keynesian, a Fabian socialist, a communist, a Marxist, a radical, a Fascist.” Of course, Howse does not back up the assertions by evidence, nor does he really notice that the categories to which he assigns his opponents are often mutually exclusive. In fact, even the American Family Association has severed its ties to Howse and forbidden their talkshow hosts Todd Friel and John Loeffler, who used to be associated with him, from maintaining their ties to him.

Among his recurrent tenets is the idea that contemplative prayer is occultic and that all contemplative prayers are pagan (and the people engaged in it obviously Satanists) and have something to do with the New World Order; that Rick Warren is a marxist change agent; that transhumanism will eventually lead to the recreation of the Nephilim through demons posing as aliens; that Russia is still communist (the apparent fall of the Soviet union is just a ploy), that the FEDs are secretly instating communism in the US, and that the census list is federal ploy to identify and tag all Christians for persecution. To select just a single quote to illustrate where Howse is coming from: “Liberals who hate Christians love pedophiles and refuse to pass an amendment on to H.R. 1913 that excludes pedophiles from special protection. Does this not tell you all you need to know about their real goal for America and Christians?” Howse is, of course, a vehement denier of evolution and global warming, and a firm opponent of science and education, but I suppose that goes without saying.

At least he does not think, like e.g. David Barton, that the Constitution is based on the Bible. His reasons are, well, you ought to see for yourself. Howse has elsewhere asserted that the Constitution is hostile to the Gospel, that the Founding Fathers were Satanists and freemasons, and thus that the works of Barton and the terminably stupid Kirk Cameron are blasphemous.

He also (in line with Glenn Beck) favors the gold standard over floating currency because it is the “Biblical” form of currency. It is worth mentioning, however, that Howse doesn’t fancy Beck, since the latter is involved in a conspiracy to turn Christians into Mormons. Indeed, Howse has dismissed Beck as a “new age Anti-Christ”, a claim dutifully picked up by WND’s Joe Kovacs, and claimed that Mormonism is “America’s Islam”. So there.

Diagnosis: Frenzied Taliban supporter who consistently rejects anything having to do with reality, sanity, or decency. Although his influence is limited, and he has a tendency to get into conflict with other extremist wingnuts, he should not be overlooked as a detrimental influence on civilization.

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