Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#798: Kathleen Jacoby

Kathleen Jacoby is a “professional numerologist”, columnist, and author of Vision Of The Grail: A Spiritual Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century. Yes, she is. To give you a taste: “In looking at the meaning of numbers we need to keep in mind that each number is part of a sequence of unfolding energy,” says Jacoby in her post “The Sacred Feminine Through Number”, which suggests a rather basic category mistake. But if you need an explanation of what’s going on, at least Jacoby is more than willing to try to help, in her own way: “The study of numbers is the study of vibration. In Numerology, each number has its own gift based on a progression of unfolding principles. Archetypal images relate each number to unfolding qualities that operate at the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. So each number is whole within itself but is part of a larger unfolding process, a unique petal within a larger flower of life, providing clues to the bigger picture.” That should nail it. Apparently “The function of Number 1 is development of Will through action, and resides in the physical and mental realm,” whereas the number 2 is somehow related to the “eternal feminine”, and apparently it has something to do with an “alchemy of consciousness” yet to come – the forthcoming millennium is apparently the “unfolding of the Number 2 cycle”, or “the Age of the Divine Feminine”. The significance of e.g. the Löwenheim-Skolem theorems when you start getting far into the unfolding of the flower, is not discussed.

In general, Jacoby seems to like to combine words she likes the sound of into sentences without particular regard for their meaning (and far less for whether they even remotely correspond to reality). I don’t know what her novel (I think) Vision of the Grail is like, but if you are interested, you can visit the website (“…a Peaceful Illumination of Spirit”) and read some excerpts (you can also “get unlimited FREE tarot & astrology readings”, but that might be an advertisement – it is a little hard to tell on that website).

Jacoby also runs “Journey 2 Raw” (with one Steve Frier), an “Investigation of the Raw Food Lifestyle”, and calls herself “Editor, Seasons of the Soul, A Periodic Newsletter of Ideas and Inquiry,” which is, quite simply, a personal blog.

Diagnosis: Flagrant woo, with a delightfully postmodernist tinge to it. I suspect there are limits to how many henchmen Jacoby can recruit or how much harm she can cause.


  1. Why not first get a clue about the subject matter about which you write, and second use your time to create something of actual value?

  2. Kathleen Jacoby - who has now made her transition to the Greater Life - was eons ahead of you and most other humans. She led a life of service to others and helped many to advance in Spiritual matters. Criticism is easy for you, but how does it actually help humanity? Get a life!