Sunday, November 24, 2013

#801: William Jasper

William Jasper is a journalist, author, and senior editor for The New American magazine. His books include Global Tyranny, which focuses on the goals, objectives and actions of the United Nations as perceived by Jasper, The United Nations Exposed, where he continues to focus on the primary mechanism of what he thinks are would-be global controllers and what they have been up to since 1992 (i.e. trying to implement the New World Order).

When he was interviewed by Geoff Metcalf for the WND, the WND stated right away that “[a]ny suggestion that [globalism] amounts to ‘world government’ or ‘tyranny’ brings with it the risk of being pegged as a conspiracy nut,” an assumption to which Jasper was presented as a counterexample. The attempted counterexample failed rather miserably, of course, but the WND would never know (no, I won’t give you the link to the interview, since I don’t link to the WND). To scare WND’s readers, Jasper emphasized how the UN was trying to take the guns away from American citizens. Apparenlty the UN would also introduce a universal currency and, not the least, push their sinister global warming agenda (“The so-called ‘scientists’ on the IPCC is a pre-selected group of scientists and political scientists who are already environmental extremists”) in order to achieve some not-entirely-well-defined goal. The thing is, when you hear about discussions, summits, and conferences, that’s just a play. The nefarious powers that be have already set the agenda, or, as Jasper puts it, “by that time the dials have already been pre-set and all the agenda has been pre-planned and all you are going to see at the summits is actually an exercise in consensus.”

Perhaps the most important measure is AGENDA 21 (up there with FEMA concentration camps as one of the most popular conspiracy theories in the US), which according to Jasper “is a massive eco-social manifesto for the whole world.” It is probably unnecessary to point out that Jasper’s magazine “The New American” is not a reliable source of news.

It is worth pointing out that WND’s Geoff Metcalf was sycophantically sympathetic to everything Jasper said during their interview, even spurring him on. Metcalf, by the way, is himself a well-known conspiracy theorists and a favorite source of information over at, for instance with respect to pushing anti-vaccine conspiracies.

Diagnosis: Hardcore conspiracy nut of the most obtuse and paranoid kind, who fails systematically and miserably at any effort to distinguish reality from paranoia-driven gut feelings. Probably not really a major influence on anyone but those who are already caught up in his brand of paranoia.


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