Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#870: Robert T. Lee

We’ll put Tenther Mike Lee on the loonwatch for the moment. There is no way around Robert T. Lee, on the other hand. Lee is an unapologetically extremist theocrat who runs The Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, a website promoting the creation of a government based on a literal interpretation of the Old Testament law and the Ten Commandments: “Only the Creator of the heavens and the earth to whom all mankind are responsible can properly govern them; and He has graciously given them His most wise, noble, righteous and perfect moral Laws by which all people are responsible to perfectly conform in thought word and deed – in every detail of their lives,” says Lee. It is unclear whether he has actually read the Old Testament. Then again, maybe he has; he does in any case not come across as a good guide to politics, reality or sanity.

Lee’s ideas include the notion that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are “heathen” documents, the Founding Fathers were inspired by Satan, and democracy is damnable and wrong – in other words, Lee takes the Gary North rather than the David Barton revisionist approach to the Constitution, and – honorably enough – does not attempt to rewrite it so that the Founding Fathers come out looking like dominionists coincidentally agreeing with him. He does claim, however, that the government should put people to death for offenses such as picking up sticks on the Sabbath, eating shrimp, not being a virgin on your wedding night (if you're a girl), being gay, not honoring your parents, being an atheist, Muslim, Jew, or anyone who isn’t a “true Christian”. His views on abortion are also notable; abortion is wrong, but murdering your child for talking back to you is ok. Furthermore, we need to reject democracy in favor of theocracy apparently since Jesus was born in a theocracy (which, by the way, is historically utterly wrong). Moreover, atheism is “written” by Satan, and is really the denial of the existence of God while at the same time knowing that God exists.

Diagnosis: Complete madman and barely coherent. The whole thing could be a poe, of course, but it probably isn’t. Probably harmless, however.

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