Friday, January 17, 2014

#876: Jahn Levin

Jahn Levin is the founder and CEO of Purity Products, a manufacturer of homeopathetic remedies, including dietary supplements and vitamin supplements (mostly pseudovitamins), and their product line is often remarkably aligned with current fads (such as the recent D vitamin crapfad). Their products are promoted heavily on radio and television, usually through infomercials, and often branded as “evidence-based”, although there is, to put it diplomatically, a scarcity of available studies to back up their claims.

It is perhaps inevitable that their products would lead to a few dissatisfied customers, so the company has created a website to “tell their side of the story” (that page is quite simply hilarious, even though their products are not).

Surely their board of directors are excellently poised to evaluate their claims:
- Alan Pressman, a Chiropractor, Educator, and Author of over 14 books on the subject of Nutrition, who runs a radio show Healthline.
- John J. Cannell, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, which has suggested that vitamin D deficiency may be the cause of multiple sclerosis, asthma, diabetes, rickets, and autism (false).
- Steven Lamm, better known as house doctor of “The View”.
- “Health journalist” Bill Sardi, who is up for his own entry.
- Paris Kidd, nutrition educator and dietary supplement product developer.
- Neil Levin, practicing chiropractor.

Diagnosis: Pure, simple, and fairly typical woo, and as usual it is hard to distinguish between bias-derived crackpottery and absence of caring. 

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