Saturday, August 3, 2013

#650: John Ennis

A.k.a. Sollog (“Son of Light, Light of God”) [do you really need to read the rest of the entry?]

If you really want to see some crazy woo, I suppose you’ll have to go to Europe – the prevalence of mad homeopaths, for instance, such as the British astrologist and homeopath Mary English (behind this one; this one; and this one) is rather higher in the UK than in the US.

John Ennis, a.k.a. Sollog, seems hellbent on ensuring that the US retains the status as the land of the crazy (in the Western world, that is; India is in a league of its own). Sollog fancies himself a modern day Nostradamus (which he probably is, given the track record of the latter); indeed he calls himself “the greatest prophet since Nostradamus,” and hosts several web sites dedicated to miscellaneous ramblings on the state of modern religion and upcoming cataclysms and so on. He is especially fond of apocalyptic prophecies, and has claimed to have foreseen quite a lot of things, though as with all prophets he didn’t quite manage to prophecy these things before they happened. But he sure post-predicted it afterwards. Of course, since Sollog generally posts new apocalyptic prophecies pretty much all the time it is rather easy for him to say that he (sorta) predicted any bad event that might happen, but that doesn’t count. He also enjoys applying random capitalization in the tradition of modern-day prophets.

In any case, his general worldview is based on the premise that most modern religious leaders use their worship of Jesus as a cover for their true master, … you guessed it: Satan. From there on Sollog’s things go downwards, at least from a mental health point of view (pyramid UFOs, HAARP), “Haiti Quake hits Pentagram of Blood” (I didn’t feel like checking what that one might), and he warned us to fear December 21 2012, of course. An interesting perspective on some of his predictions is discussed here.

In a dim effort to help his fellow citizens Sollog did weigh in on the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping (we have earlier seen the remote viewers make fools of themselves on that one), and could boldly proclaim (source here) that “Elizabeth Smart was SACRIFICED in a satanic ritual, as was Jon Benet Ramsey. Both the Ramsey's and Smart's are members of a satanic cult that commands the sacrifice of a child in their family,” and – to elaborate – it was really her relative Ed who was responsible because of his homosexual leanings even though it was her parents who killed her at the behest of Lucifer. There was also something about numerology and Mormonism, and that the Smart abduction was connected to the Oklahoma bombing, the Columbine shooting, the Versace killing, and the upcoming nuclear holocaust.

Sollog didn’t even really bother to try to explain away his rant when the Smart case yielded an outcome not entirely in line with his “prophecy”.

Sollog’s wife Nicole Ensley, or “Nikkee the Goddess Warrior,” is a prophet as well, apparently, who also likes to employ random capitalization. They’d probably make a fun double date pair.

Interestingly, Sollog has a back story as well. He used to think he was a god, which made for some hilarity in a rather famous 1988 courtcase (Sollog was found guilty after the jury tired of listening to him trying to assert that virtually everyone even remotely involved in the case were part of a conspiracy and that he was God, and because the facts of the case were rather clear).

Diagnosis: Staggeringly crazy, Gene Ray territory, and he does seem to have a small band of ardent followers as well. 

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