Thursday, August 29, 2013

#685: Moshe Frenkel

Dr. Moshe A. Frenkel is the founder of the integrative oncology clinic at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and as such also responsible for their official blog Cancerwise. And to put it nicely: don’t go there for medical advice. They promote, as you’d expect, the whole gamut of woo and quackery, such as the Feldenkrais method and reflexology – woo that is so far out there that they might just as well promote astrology – as well as the usual suspects, including acupuncture. Their house expert on the latter appears to be one Lorenzo Cohen, who likes to tell things about the efficacy of acupuncture (which is, in essence, astrology with needles) that are, well, not entirely in line with what reality tells us and explains why research doesn’t show that acupuncture is efficacious by, well, pretty much saying that he disagrees with those results. Both Frenkel and Cohen are on the records attempting to defend homeopathy, no less, and through almost breathtaking abuses of science (for some real hilarity you may watch independent homeopath Patricia Maché try to defend the study in question here).

Currently Frenkel is the director of Integrative Oncology Associates, which is not a group anyone should trust for medical advice either.

Diagnosis: Hardcore woo-meister with credentials and a frightening amount of influence. Frenkel is indeed a non-negligible part of what’s wrong with the world, and should be exposed as such.

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