Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#671: Dee Finney

Dee Finney may not be the most famous loon in our Encyclopedia, but she (he?) is a stalwart of that bin of unhinged insanity, the website Educate Yourself, whose areas of expertise include the alleged FEMA concentration camps, so she deserves an entry. You know the idea: the American government is conspiring with the UN and China to take American citizen’s guns away and throw them into concentration camps. Indeed it is already happening. And Finney’s primary source of evidence? She dreams about this (no kidding; some of her dreams are from Jesus). You can read about her dreams here). If you wonder where you can find these camps, Finney helpfully provides a list here, where she also lists the executive orders that allow the president to assume total control (never mind cluelessness). Her sources seem to be, primarily, Texe Marrs and the discussion forum at AboveTopSecret, in addition – of course – to her dreams. Great use of sources and data, in other words (this one is promoted as being confirmed by the visions of her associate Bill Deagle (yes, that Bill Deagle), so she even controls for bias).

To make sure no one suspects her of having the faintest trace of sanity, she incorporates pretty much every other conspiracy theory she can come across, from Holocaust denial and anti-semitism (here - but she doesn’t care too much about consistency, so here are claims completely inconsistent with the claims in the first link), through lizard people who control the world (including lizard king Pindar) to 9/11 trooferism; read “How the Saudis is using the Bush administration and alien technology to destroy America” here. Source? She dreamt it, of course. She is after all a dream-prophet, so obviously she can trust her dreams just as scientists trust experiments. She claims to have predicted, well, more or less everything that happens. Of course, she only wrote down these predictions after the prophecized events occurred, but hey: come on.

Well, she does in fact have some novel prophecies. On her Maya prophecy website she promotes the idea of the “Cosmic” Maya (whatever that may be): On December21, 2012, there will be an “alignment between the galactic and solar planes.” The winter solstice sun will “conjunct the Milky Way” and open up some sort of “cosmic sky portal.” It isn’t particularly well explained (skepdic makes an effort here), but it probably didn’t come to fulfillment.

Diagnosis: Almost remarkable, even for a loon. The fact that she seems to get the grammar (mostly) right gives (due to the novelty of this) her webpages an almost otherworldly feel since the insanity of the content is pretty much total.


  1. Wow I am so glad I found this before I used her as a source lol

  2. When someone writes something fictional, enjoy (don't destroy). Who's to say who's right. "Too many critics too few writing." [Siouxsie Sioux]