Monday, August 19, 2013

#670: Tom Fife

Tom Fife is an interestingly shadowy character, and mad as a hatter to boot. But to take his entrance on the scene of nuttery from the start. In 2011 or old friend, the ravingly lunatic Janet Porter, published an article in which she claimed that Obama was a Soviet spy (she was, of course, JAQing off), chosen by global elites many decades ago to destroy the nation from within. Her credible source for this was … Tom Fife. And that tells you quite a bit about Porter’s ability to assess her sources (come on: if nothing else, then the allegation that Obama is supposedly a Soviet spy would have made some people hesitate).

Fife (and he is a real person) did indeed claim that he had this from a “Soviet scientist” he talked with in the 1990 who gave him the name Barack Obama and claimed that he “will be a blessing for world Communism. We will regain our strength and become the number one power in the world.” Here is the original story.

His story has of course been picked up by exactly those sources that you’d suspect would pick it up.

Diagnosis: A shadowy character; we know little else about him but doubt that anything good would come from investigating. 


  1. How the hell you know he's a shadowy figure. Little Ad Hominizing going on here....courtesy of the KGB?

    1. By "shadowy" I meant that, although his name comes up again and again, he prefers to remain offstage - few public stunts, and difficult to locate substantial information about.

    2. I am very real and alive and well. I have put my email address out on the net from the very beginning for anyone who wishes to contact me. If you or anyone else want to know more details or sort through personal questions, I can be found at Sincerely, Tom Fife

  2. I actually think this to be not that far out of the realm. I always wondered how the heck he got from a community activist to president in a very very short time. It made no sense, and when things make no sense there is usually another deeper story, that dies make sense. Much like the things going on right now, 2018.on the surface they make no sense. But they do to somebody.

  3. I think its true.
    You should look at Valerie Jarrett as well.
    You are the loons or indoctrinated by all of those Democrat Commie Marxist Alynsky Globalists!