Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#983: Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle is the founder of the Planetary Activation Organization, which is for all intents and purposes a UFO religion. Nidle himself claims to be capable of telepathic communication and thus to be in contact with extraterrestrials. Apparently the extraterrestrials relate important information to Nidle, such as the informtation that initially made him (somewhat) famous, namely that the world would end on December 17, 1996, with the arrival of 16 million spaceships and a host of angels along with “the Photon Belt.” He assured us that we would have “16 years of light 24 hours a day” after the Photon Belt “hits [our] pineal glands,” something that would “activate all 12 strands of [our] DNA.”  When this did not occur, Nidle claimed the angels had transferred humanity into a holographic projection in order to give it a second chance – though he also removed all reference to it from his website. At least he became the proud recipient of a Pigasus award for his prediction.

Nidle founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) in 1997 to prepare the world for the arrival of 10,000 alien ambassadors later that year. The PAO also predicted that benevolent extraterrestrials would help transform the earth into a terrestrial paradise by the end of the year 2012, though we are still … well, no, we aren’t really waiting.

One of the most delectable details of Nidle’s crazy is his ventures into economy woo. According to Nidle, the Annunaki are currently focusing on the establishing of a new financial and monetary system for the entire planet, including new global governance, to herald their return. “The first item on this agenda is to liberate you from any type of slavery, and there are many forms that presently burden you. The most overt form of slavery is your legal and financial systems, so these will be the first ones to be remedied. Restoring your innate sovereignty is predominant in our actions. Beginning with the material aspects, there will be full debt forgiveness, universal prosperity, an end to illegal taxation, and a formal government declaration of a new form of governance. Only then are you to be restored completely to your natural, Creator-given rights.” Apparently the powers that be are in a conspiracy to keep all of us in economic hardship (and reduce the population) so that we don’t realize that there are many realities that can help you get what you want because our conceptual scheme only allows us to see one of those many realities until you have evolved a higher consciousness. The Annunaki, however, are about to introduce new currencies that have vastly greater buying power than our current currencies (no, Nidle seems oblivious to the shortcomings of such schemes), though the short excerpt is of course unable to capture the glorious, megalomaniac, fanatically religious delusions that are Nidle’s ways of viewing the world. The efforts will also make the Earth’s biosphere magical, and the magic will generate Love.

Nidle has recently weighed in on the missing Malaysian flight 370 and confirmed that it “is in a higher dimension”.

Diagnosis: Completely beyond the reaches of coherence, meaning, and reason, Nidle apparently continues to attract followers of his version of senseless gibberish. More or less like Time Cube, though with a bit more charisma - or whatever you choose to call it.

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