Sunday, April 13, 2014

#995: Cathy O'Brien

Cathleen Ann O’Brien is an alleged victim of Project MKULTRA, a CIA program to research drugs for intelligence purposes) and survivor of the mythical CIA mind control programs Project Monarch. She has written two books about that, Trance Formation of America (1995) and Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security (2004) (with Mark Phillips), which have actually received a degree of popularity.

The memories she thinks she possesses were retrieved through the use of hypnosis, which would make her story approximately slightly less reliable than if she had came up with it in a dream. Apparently the hypnosis also brought forth memories of child abuse (of her and her daughter) by international pedophile rings, drug barons and Satanists – all part of a sex slave aspect to her “trauma based mind control programming.” Satanic ritual abuse is, according to O’Brien, widely “used in the military which, for example, has the occult Temple of Set, which is supposedly more intellectually based, which is used to traumatize people. That leaves them widely suggestible for mind control programming. It’s a very deliberate method, and it has proliferated heavily on our military bases.” Her list of perpetrators includes a variety of American, Canadian, Mexican and Saudi Arabian government officials, as well as notable country stars. Her stories can of course not be corroborated, there is no credible evidence, and they are full of inconsistencies (as pointed out here) but that sort of goes without mentioning and probably doesn’t matter all that much to her fans.

Mark Phillips, her husband, was allegedly the one who rescued her from her abuse by the military., Ken Adachi’s site, offers you “the true story” of Mark Phillips here (originally written by one Ray Bilger for David Icke’s site). Things suggest that Phillips might have been the original crazy in the relationship. James Bartley, appropriately enough, believes that Phillips may be something of a double agent who is still under the control of Project Monarch. It’s not entirely clear why that should be the case, for there is not much evidence or reason flying around in these debates.

O’Brien does of course have a substantial presence at

Diagnosis: No one doubts that O’Brien is a victim of sorts. After all, she seems to honestly believe her elaborate fantasies – and there seems to be plenty enough people who take them seriously to make her just a tiny bit of a threat to civilization. Good job, Cathy.


  1. Now that America’s number one export is no longer porn offshored like most profitable ventures human trafficking ranks 2nd in all crimes and incorporates most crimes within. I will BUY then read the criticism of Cathy’s FREE statements yet with Boy’s Town: Conspiracy of Silence and Jeffery Epstein a viable part 2 one does have to consider the Exoneration of All Unknown and Unnamed co-conspirators in Epstein’s plea bargain as bread crumbs worth consideration.

  2. Nothing to see here. Move along sheep.