Thursday, April 10, 2014

#991: John de Nugent

John de Nugent is a white supremacist and hardcore anti-semite engaged in a whole range of whacko theories about history, science and pretty much any field of research imaginable – often to prop up his bigotry, but mostly because he is absolutely lunatic. As for the former, a good example is his response to the discovery that we all carry some Neanderthal DNA; according to de Nugent Semitic peoples have the most Neanderthal DNA, and this is empirically verifiable by looking at their slanted foreheads (archived here). Also, if Nugent deems you to look like a Neanderthal, it apparently means that you are a Jew, and therefore evil. Those are the ways of John de Nugent.

Thus, we get the whole gamut from secret societies, government conspiracies and the New World Order, to UFO rantings. The Jews are behind it all, and the rest of us are unwitting accomplices to their nefarious schemes: “why do you lefties favor muzzie immigration, which in its medieval and misogynistic attitudes contradicts everything you stand for? Hmmmmm? I know why – the Jews who are manipulating you want to use these aggressive, dark-gene hordes to thereby destroy the white indigenous peoples. and their genes.”

At least his own website is a dead giveaway. The color schemes and general design are typical of Internet kooks in general, and the contents consist of endless stream-of-consciousness rants propped up with youtube clicks and apparently unrelated illustration. Next to his section “white safety zones,” we get “reincarnation evidence,” and then “racist Israel seeks to genocide whites in a global holocaust” and “the Norman conquest gives England to Jews.” Much of his writings are devoted to the Solutrean hypothesis, for which he has plenty of evidence – two documentaries on Discovery Channel have featured the idea …

Diagnosis: An easy one, really. John de Nugent is a white supremacist and conspiracy nut, and peppers it all with woo and pseudo-history. Not unusual for his kind, but deep fringe lunacy nonetheless.


  1. Is that really his picture? He looks like something from Mme Tussaud's.

  2. I'll put this website in my Encyclopedia of Jewish-Paid Trolls:

  3. Let's see, the Solutrean hypothesis is also advocated by "loon" Dennis Stanford, former head of anthropology at the Smithsonian; UFOs are advocated by Paul Hellyer, former Defense Minister of Canada and member of the Queen's Council; the view that Near Eastern peoples have a lot of neanderhalic blood is advocated by Johannes Krause, PhD of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropogy, Leipzig, sad they all are loons. ;-) At least I am in nice company. Now the government you are paid by in 2003 claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction; in 1965 it said that Lee Harvey Oswald, a lousy shot in the Marines (I was a Marine), nailed Kennedy with two accurate shots in two seconds from a bolt-action Italian rifle as the limo turned and went behind a tree; and Vietnamese speedboats attacked the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin, and it said 19 Arabs with boxcutters fooled NORAD and disintegrated not two but three WTC buildings on 9/11, including Building 7, which no plane at all hit. So now, do I have to believe ALL government lies to get off your "loon" list? ;-)

  4. ^^^Looney tunes. From Solutrain hypothesis ---> Kennedy assination -----> 9/11 troofer in 10 easy steps.