Saturday, June 14, 2014

#1079: Jay Rogers

Imprecatory prayer is always cute, especially when it is put to novel use. Jay Rogers, a self-identified Christian reconstructionist and militant anti-abortionist from Florida, for instance, turned to imprecatory prayer during the 2008 election – but not against Obama; Rogers and his group prayed for God to strike down John McCain so Sarah Palin could become president. You seriously don’t come much more lunatic than that. His reasoning? Rogers wanted Palin for president in part because McCain is godless, Palin is not, and “[t]here is more untapped oil in Alaska than in Saudi Arabia” (uh … no).

During the elections Rogers also laid out his three point plan (modeled, on assumes, on his idea of what Jesus would do):

1. Vote Constitution Party. ("I vote my conscience and cannot support McCain even with Palin.")
2. Pray for Sarah Palin to win. (I am an idealist, but also a realist!)
3. Pray for John McCain’s salvation and speedy death.

I guess “realist” means something else in the dominionist parts of Florida, those parts where praying for the death of a president countsas a patriotic instance of Christian love.

Diagnosis: Ah, the love, charm, fluff, and flowery fields of Christian bliss. Rogers is demonstrably harmless, though, except potentially to people finding themselves in his immediate physical vicinity.

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