Saturday, June 21, 2014

#1088: Xzavia Ross

Xzavia Ross is the public information officer for Affinity Lifestyles, the producers of Real Water®, one of the more audacious woo-based marketing ploys there is. According to Real Water® the water that is delivered to your house is “damaged” by being “stripped of electrons(-)” as it travels “through pipes, filtration systems, and various devices”. This allegedly makes the water “positive(+) ionized” and “very acidic”. Solution? Buy their water instead. Real Water is, according to the company, filtered and sterilized municipal water with the addition of “potassium and magnesium”. The patented “E2 electron energized technology” process is claimed to add “hundreds of millions of free electrons” to “unclump” the water and give it an alkaline pH. The “clumping” purportedly prevents the water from hydrating our cells; in fact the molecules are left as “basically free radicals” that “literally [sic] zap or pull away life force from the cell.” The product is also available as a concentrate (!).

Unfortunately, it is a bit unclear how they achieve their results; according to Ross “[o]ur process is proprietary so there really is no way we can disclose the process by which we add electrons to the water,” but at least the company asserts that “many food and beverages ... are devoid of electrons.” The “science articles” section on their website was unfortunately “coming soon”; currently there is only a "further reading" section with no references.

There is a nice discussion of the product here.

If you’re really into committing yourself to something horrible you can also sign up with the Whole Wellness Club, a multi-level marketing scheme that is “bringing people together” and selling this product.

Diagnosis: It is rather difficult to convince oneself that these people are acting in good faith. It is also difficult to judge their actions as more laudable if they are, indeed, acting in good faith. You should stay well clear of them in either case.

For the sake of completeness founder and CEO Chuck Dhuey of Whole Wellness Club also fits that diagnosis rather well. 

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