Saturday, June 28, 2014

#1097: Walt Ruloff

Newsmax may occasionally rival the WND for wingnuttery and conspiracy mongering, but one sometimes suspects that Christopher Ruddy is more like a Roger Ailes than a Joseph Farah. Then, of course, there is Eric Robert Rudolph, but he is not exactly running loose. A case could perhaps be made for including Debra Rufini, who is certainly sufficiently crazy, but does not quite merit a separate entry (though not for lack of crazy).

No, let’s return to standard fare. Walt Ruloff is standard fare. Ruloff is an evangelical billionaire, partner in Premise Media, and one of the producers of and main backers behind that perceptive and paradigm-shifting (though not quite successful) scientific exploration Expelled, a documentary that wouldn’t have been what it is without Ruloff’s generous financial input, and which Ruloff and others involved hoped to use to help pass so-called Academic Freedom Bills across the US. (After all, we don’t want to do like Hitler, do we? Surely not?) Here, by the way, is what “academic freedom” actually seems to mean for the creationists. Ruloff's honesty has been questioned on several scores. He is also the proud recipient of the coveted Pigasus Award, category Funding (he shared it with the films other producers, Logan Craft and John Sullivan).

After his career in the movies, Ruloff seems to have been content partaking in various pseudo-science seminars and giving talks on stuff he knows nothing about.

Diagnosis: A major source of anti-civilization efforts. Keep your distance.


  1. Whoops! He is also Canadian. Well, his efforts seem at least to have been targeted primarily at American audiences.

  2. Your smug smears are nothing more than just that. Your arrogance is an indicator of a narcissist hubris that takes you far beyond your core competence, whatever that might be.