Sunday, September 1, 2013

#688: Mary Frost

If you are looking for the go-to people when it comes to faith healing in the Detroit area, Mary Frost’s name will show up high on your list. There is probably nothing particularly special about her in that respect, and there are literally thousands of practitioners offering the same services across the US. Perhaps it is karma (it isn’t), but Frost has been fortunate enough to be appointed their representative in this Encyclopedia. Her practices are briefly described here. “I command the nerve endings in this ear to come to life,” incants Frost, to help (for a fee, of course) a woman suffering from ear infections; “in the mighty name of Jesus, I arrest this condition, this vertigo. This night, you have been served your eviction papers. Leave this body!” And of course the patient thinks that she has become a little better afterwards. I recommend this, but it is unfortunately one of those books that the target group will never read.

Diagnosis: Severely reality-challenged and (consequently) unintentionally vile. Frost is not a major player in this game, but stands as a shining example of ignorance and delusion nonetheless.

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