Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#711: Joel González

Joel González is, according to himself, a metaphysician. He is, for instance, the author of 21st Century Practical Spiritual Metaphysic Guidebook for Atheists and Agnostics Plus The secret of longevity; what is it? And 2012 What will happen? which is actually a book you can purchase on Amazon. Its contents are exactly as coherent as its title suggests. For instance, González warmly recommends the powers of Ormus, the alleged prana form of all elements, which according to González will make a person a 5th dimensional being, and as such (obviously) give you the ability to resurrect the dead, levitate, teleport yourself to wherever you want to be, and sing in perfect harmony. (You can, apparently, purchase Ormus here, but the website does not exactly compel one to give up one’s credit card information.) Ormus is even promoted on Mike Adams’s website NaturalNews (by one of his “citizen journalists”, Mike Donkers), which is surely solid evidence for González’s claims.

Apparently González’s book is is a guide book to “all occult subjects, such as religion, magic, astrology, metaphysics, spiritual anything,” complete “with the latest up to date information.” It also “provides references of where to find up to date information, based on scientific evidence [sorely deficient] of what is going on with our planet earth, and what to expect in the coming years leading to December 21, 2012 [I have found no updated version of that description]. This book provides scientific and practical ways of understanding the universe; TOOLS to help YOU LIVE life TO ITS FULLEST and with EXCELLENT HEALTH!!!” Aw, he almost managed to avoid random capitalization throughout the whole blurb; only at the end did his enthusiasm get the better of him. Despite his repeated use of “science” and “scientific”, I suspect the advice is more practical.

Diagnosis: A rather shadowy figure (it is hard to locate much biographical information), González has completely said farewell to anything even remotely resembling reality and reason. He is probably harmless.

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