Thursday, September 12, 2013

#701: Louie Giglio

Laminin is a cellular protein molecule with three short arms and one longer arm. In fact, it is, with some imagination, somewhat cross-like in shape. Guess you see where this is going.

That’s right; enter evangelist Louie Giglio. Silly evangelists in particular have a tough time with pareidolia. It’s not clear whether Giglio believes what he says, but if he does it doesn’t put him in a particularly good light. His rant, however, is a rather excellent exercise in how the rhetoric of evangelicists are supposed to function. It is transcribed here.

Then he was invited to give the benediction at Obama’s inauguration in 2013, but was compelled to withdraw after it became publicly known that he was a douche as well.

Diagnosis: Hard to decide between dimwit or cynic. It is easier to pass verdict on those who listen to him. Since there seem to be some who do, he must be considered mildly dangerous. 

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