Thursday, September 19, 2013

#713: Peter Goodgold

Peter Goodgold is a, uh, CAM artist who really wants to sell you magic water ionizers that, according to him, cure all illnesses (he even calls himself ”water consultant”). The reason he can cure them all, he says, is because there is really only one disease, acidosis (remember Nicholas González?). He can allegedly cure this with his water ionizers, if his machine were able to do what he claims that it is able to do, which it isn’t. The whole idea is really utterly nonsensical, but when critics point this out Goodgold has a backstory of reacting like the true crackpot he is: threatening to sue them and filing complaints to get all critics silenced (try to post a critical video on youtube, for instance). There is an accout of how Goodgold and his company here.

The guiding idea is apparently a version of this one.

Diagnosis: For the purposes of our diagnosis we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and call him a reality-challenged loon. His zealous pushing of bullshit is nevertheless dangerous, however.

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