Sunday, September 22, 2013

#719: Steven Grant

Did you know that the Tea Party movement is divine? Ok, you may know that David Barton has claimed that the Tea Party is just like Jesus and that Gary Cass has called it “the work of the Holy Spirit”, but that would probably count as “divinely inspired” rather than “divine”. Steven Grant, who represents Destiny Christian Center, takes it one step further. You see, the Tea Party is apparently the Fourth Tea Party Movement. The first occurred after the death of Solomon, the second was led by Jesus Christ himself, the third was the Founding Fathers. Now they have returned, apparently, to bring order and justice to the world. “Believe it or not, this movement was detailed in the Bible,” says Grant. The economic recession was clearly foretold by the Bible as well, apparently. It’s all not entirely satisfactorily made sense of here.

As far as we can tell Grant is associated with the think tank The Tenth Amendment Center, and if you don’t know it I guess you get a certain feel for what kind of think tank this is from the name itself. Civil liberties are not their main focus.

Grant has in fact received some media attention before as well. He was one of a slew of delusional rightwing madmen, following the lead of Chuck Norris and Bryan Fischer, who tried to pin the Virginia Tech shootings on “the secularists”. Enter Grant, who – to be precise – blamed it on the 1961 Supreme Court case that banned government-run prayer in public schools. For evidence, Grant turned to David Barton, the dominionist crackpot pseudo-historian whom Grant ridiculously enough calls “perhaps the nation’s leading historian.” Calling Barton that would have earned Grant an entry in this Encyclopedia all by itself.

Diagnosis: Complete idiot. His influence is probably negligible by itself, but he contributes – in his own small way – to the momentum of the droning Taliban zombie Apocalypse.

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