Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#724: Jackson K. Grimes

Jack Grimes is the perennial presidential candidate representing the United Union of Fascists, and has failed to gain too much traction with the voters thus far. Though his platform is such named, he doesn’t seem to have a quite clear idea about what fascism is, even though he does consider Mussolini and Saddam Hussein his personal heroes. Hitler, on the other hand, only “pretended to be a Fascist to capitalize on Benito Mussolini’s popularity when he started the National Socialist German Workers' Party, but was NOT a Fascist EVER! More like a Judas goat hung around Il Duce's neck like a millstone with his anti-Semitic insanity.” So there.

His official(!) party website is here (pay attention to the official campaign photo of Grimes, also reproduced to illustrate the article). His frontpage suggests that he is, in fact, slightly more sane and sympathetic than George Hutchins, or another 2008 Maryland candidate, dominionist Fred Nethken, who ran on putting “God back in schools” and saving “American soldiers by replacing them with immigrants” (it is hard to imagine a scenario in which the reasoning behind that position is not self-defeating). Though Grimes’s platform of abolishing Christianity and replacing it with classical Roman paganism might not suggest that he is ideally well-hinged, if anyone wondered (though he seems to waver a little; this one is from 2010). Grimes’s main argument to get you to vote for him is that “Jack Grimes would be the ideal American President because he came from out of nowhere, from nothing, and isn't that supposed to be what the American dream is all about?” You can see him speak here.

His only television-aired presidential debate was an appearance on the Jerry Springer show.

Diagnosis: Superfluous


  1. Grimes's Roman helmet headgear does bear a certain resemblance to the tinfoil hat that seems to cover his empty cranium.

  2. Remember this guy from watching Jerry Springer recently. He said something about becoming the dictator over America. XD

  3. Todays fascists use him for a hidden symbolic. Notice the rotated 180 degrees "JG" (Jackson Grimes) and number 724(from this site?) drawn on the main street in Kiev: