Thursday, February 6, 2014

#905: Guy Malone

A.k.a. The Man From Roswell

Henry Makow is probably the craziest guy in the world, but he is also Canadian and hence disqualified. Though Guy Malone cannot quite compete with the exalted levels of loon that is Henry Makow, he is still doing his best. Malone runs the website and, apparently, various other UFO-related outlets (such as “Live from Roswell”, the website “”, which “[o]ffers Biblically-based articles and videos on the UFO/Alien topic, and testimonies of abductions stopping in Jesus’ name”, and the book Come Sail Away: UFO Phenomenon & the Bible – website for the book here. According to his bio Malone is a “childhood experiencer of visitations and possible ‘abduction,’” who in the 1990s “began studying the phenomena from a Bible perspective.” In 1999, he apparently moved to Roswell, New Mexico, to get closer to the source of the alleged phenomena, and it has been a downward spiral into the darkest abysses of lunacy from there. His website (one of them) is here, and the layout should give you an idea about where this guy is coming from. “Roswell, UFO’s and End Times” is one of the central features of the site, and it really merits a visit (it also features contents by guests, such as the video “Evidence for a Spiritual Interpretation of Alien Contact” by one Joseph Jordan). Malone actually seems to run a range of websites devoted to the same topics, and with more or less indistinguishable layouts and color schemes.

Due to Malone’s precarious relation to coherence, it is sometimes a little unclear what Malone thinks the alleged UFO phenomenon signifies, but at least he seems to suggest that many aliens are demons, or at least man-made (“I am of course ‘the black sheep’ of Roswell, for detailing the now un-classified military history of Nazi Germany's efforts to invent the ‘flying saucer’ based on Tesla technology – and how their scientists were moved to the U.S. after WWII to continue their work IN NEW MEXICO in 1945–47. This site definitely not endorsed by the Roswell Chamber of Commerce, Roswell UFO Museum, Hollywood, or the New World Order”). At least this presentation by Malone, Joseph Jordan and Michael Tatar jr. suggests something along those lines (together with Jordan’s talk “Sleep Paralysis: A Modern Connection to an Ancient Evil” – damned be what medical science says about a well-understood phenomenon).

Diagnosis: Complete nutters – few people alive today entertain more false beliefs at any particular time than Malone, and he doesn’t feel reluctant to try to spread them. His influence is probably rather limited, however.

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