Friday, February 14, 2014

#915: Al Martin

A.k.a. The Man Who Knows Too Much

Continuing our stint of conspiracy theories, Al Martin is admittedly a smaller fish than the Marrses but still deserving of an entry. According to his bio Martin is a former a Lt. Commander from the US Naval Reserves and government operative, and currently an author, probably most famous for his book The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider, which is “a true crime story that’s been too hot for mainstream media.” The claim of the book is that “[b]efore they stole the White House, the Bush Cabal was the First Family of Fraud,” and Martin lays out their involvement in the Iran Contra scandal and the hidden history of US Government drug trafficking, illegal weapons deals, as well as wholesale fraud by government perps – securities fraud, real estate fraud, and insurance fraud, all led by George Bush, Bill Casey and Oliver North, who constitute a shadow government within the government. Apparently “[w]hen Iran Contra finally fell apart, they had ended up using 5,000 operatives and making $350 billion.” It was hence up to Martin to expose the dealings of the shadow government that had really been ruling the US all along based on personal anecdotes and drawing out the patterns (he has no documentation, of course, but that is just evidence that there is a thorough-going conspiracy going on), and he points out that he is exposing the conspiracy now because he has nothing to lose. The book has received critical acclaim precisely in those corners of the Internet you’d expect (including JimMarrs).

Martin also runs a blog, The fact that it is less obviously incoherent than many conspiracy theory blogs doesn’t make it much more trustworthy.

Diagnosis: Yet another victim of a conspiracy who has emerged to tell his tale – that is, the tale of how he is really a hero despite currently being down on his luck; it’s a conspiracy, and everyone is against him, but he grits his teeth in defiance nonetheless. There is a huge audience for that kind of stuff, especially when the enemy is that evil government thing.

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