Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#912: Joseph "Doc" Marquis

Admittedly this picture is some
20 years old, but he is hiding
from the Illuminati, so it would be
mean to help them by using a more
recent picture. 

The Illuminati is an elusive beast. Fortunately, there are defectors, and Joseph “Doc” Marquis is one such. According (entirely) to himself, Marquis is a former member of the Illuminati who jumped the ship and currently enjoys a career as a fanatic fundie author of barely coherent screeds and books mixing Taliban theology with accounts of how his former all-control shadow organization is trying, but evidently failing, to kill him since he remains one of their most dangerous threats. Apart from his own accounts (unfortunately there is a dearth of other witnesses who can back it up) the main piece of evidence for the existence of the Illuminati is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Yeah, that’s Doc Marquis for you.

He was apparently initiated at the age of four, quickly rising in the ranks (high priest at thirteen, master witch at seventeen) before leaving. Fellow members included Charles Manson and Coast-to-Coast AM “celebrity” alien abductee Whitley Strieber.

Like a medieval, neo-platonic fog-monger (though without the poetry or subtlety), Marquis has invented more or less a complete hierarchy of angels and demons. Satan has apparently assigned the control of hell and human affairs to seven demons; Marquis knows most of them by name. There is:

Rege, who “deals with such drugs as marihuana, hashish, cocaine, speed, LSD, peyote and mescaline ... [and] is also responsible for seeing that music is hexed.”
- Larz, the “Demon of Sexual lust, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, adultery, and other such sexual pleasure.”
- Bacchus, the “Demon of addictions,” including “drugs, smoking, and alcohol.”
- Pan, who is the wielder of “mental illnesses, depression, suicide, nerves, and rejection.” (Apparently mental illnesses are more Satanic than homosexuality.)
Medit, the “Demon of hate, murder, killing, war, jealousy, envy, and gossip.”
Set, the “Demon of Death”.
 No. 7, whose name is unknown and so powerful that even the most powerful Illuminati witches avoid contact; his job, though, is to get “Christians to talk about each other through gossiping and causing strife within the church.” War and genocide pale by comparison.

Much of the (seemingly drug-induced) delusional rants are detailed in his book Secrets of the Illuminati, which at least also exposes the many organizations and ideologies cooperating with the Illuminati: Catholicism, Satanism, Rosicrucians, Dungeons and Dragons, the eight “Satanic Sabbaths” and the Cabala, represented the text “Witchcraft Today For As Much Within Ancient Babylon”. Indeed, Cabala is “the most influential of all secret societies in the drive to the New World Order.” There are also the Masons, the United States seals (“The Two Seals of Our Doom”), the House of Rothschild, the rock and roll industry and the Black Pope. Yes, that one – the feted “shadow pope” who is the one to “wield the real absolute power within the Vatican.” We’ve met him before.

Marquis’s theology is promoted by the Cutting Edge Ministries, though the theology of that Ministry seems to be based primarily on the readings on whale.to.

There are decent resources on Marquis’s antics here, here (though can’t vouch for the general reliability of that site as a source of information), and here. As for ourselves, we admit to owing a great deal to Marquis’s rationalwiki entry.

Diagnosis: Though they hold the world in an iron grip through demonic magic, rock’n roll and Dungeons and Dragons, apparently Doc Marquis is too much of a challenge. For the rest of us, however, Marquis is probably perfectly harmless.

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