Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#550: Wendy Callahan

Wendy Callahan is Co-Director of Vaccination Liberation and director of the Florida chapter of Vaccine Information and Liberation. She also runs a website, Vaccine Information, which contains the whole gamut of antivaxx insanity, from links to hardcore woo (such as homeopathy) to posters labeled pharmageddon”). She is on the record calling parents who vaccinate child abusers,” claiming that you can't poison yourself into health,” and arguing, concerning the constituents of vaccines that these ingredients don't belong in a vaccine. They belong in a Satanic ritual.”

Callahan is most famous for her less than flattering appearance on Penn & Teller, an installment that also featured one Carl Buzz, who claims that, cancer didn’t exist before around 1945 (which to him, as opposed to reality, was when vaccines were introduced), despite the fact that e.g. radical mastectomy for breast cancer was developed in the 19th century.

Diagnosis: Batshit loon; crazy and dangerous.

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