Sunday, May 26, 2013

#566: Reyna Chicas

Reyna Chicas leads a relatively small Pentecostal group of Salvadoran immigrant women and children in California. The group has been identified as an apocalyptic cult, and they’ve been under rather intense surveilance. It suddenly disappeared in September 2010 in the wake of  alarming behaviors suggesting possible mass suicide”, which led to a police manhunt in the San Gabriel Mountains and Antelope Valley – the cultists were found still alive, but exhibiting somewhat strange behavior, and Chicas was kept under a 72-hour supervision and hospitalized for her own safety and because she appeared confused about who she was.” The goals and intentions of the group were and remain a little unclear (something to do with the Rapture seems likely), but the adult women and children had left letters for loved ones saying they were going to meet Jesus. When found, many of them were carrying small dogs, though it is unclear for what purpose. More on the bizarre story here.

Diagnosis: A little unclear, but Chicas doesn’t seem particularly well hinged – her influence is limited, but may be extremely detrimental to those affected. The current status of her cult and herself is unknown.

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