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#554: Vinoo Cameron

Vinoo Cameron (if that is his real name) is a ”Christian Physician Mathematician” who claims that – apparently – more or less all of our current mathematics is wrong. The fundamental idea for his ”inverse 19 mathematics”, if it can be called ”idea”, seems to be that ”CURRENT MATHEMATICS THEORY is wrong because it is based on a single square plane with a squared center, ‘a circle can never be squared’, vice versa, by a single mathematical plane, the mistake of Riemann, Euclid, Archimedes, and Einstein,” which sounds serious indeed. Cameron’s own solution, and his website, is a collection of purely amazing, randomly capitalized gibberish, with self-proclaimed practical applications: “I feel that with our -1 tangent mathematics, and the -1 tangent configuration, with proper computer language it will be possible to detect even the tiniest leak of nuclear energy from space because this mathematics has two planes.” It is dealt with here. The author shows up in the comments to clarify, and the original email discussed is utterly wonderful (“My papers were accepted as assignment by the worlds top Physics journal, and they said they have a hard time understanding the tangents, write it better.” Shows how profound his discoveries are).

Cameron is, apparently, an MD, which is a little scary on the face of it. His work seems to be related to the crackpottery of the legendary Edgar Escultura, but the extent of the connection is unclear since Cameron’s sentences aren’t always ideally grammatical.

Diagnosis: Hopefully harmless, but intensely crazy


  1. Coming up next, this loon will write that his work has now been published on a respected "American Encyclopedia" blog (and perhaps he can move on to -1 secant mathematics!).

    With the proper computer language, it should be possible to detect the nuttiest people in the country.

  2. I am Vinoo Cameron , My 8 papers in mathematics have been published by top mathematics journals , that are recognized by the American Mathematical society . Right now a final reproach to Princeton university. So what gives!! , are all your journals Loony or what?

    Author: Vinoo Cameron M.D
    Hope research, Athens, Wisconsin, USA.
    The manuscript is primarily meant to alert Annals of mathematics journal, Princeton University to a fact of mathematics. The author is a physician/surgeon, who in later life decided to look into the circus of mathematics after his son was misdiagnosed because of an error in simple mathematics related to a torsion deformity of the spine. The author in this short manuscript is concerned about mathematics, and not its current pedigree, and current writing modes. The author is recently published and offers a fresh look at mathematics and clearly suggests that current mathematics is all wet in its pursuit of the final discovery in mathematics. The author points out for the sake of mathematics this perpetuated obsession that Prime numbers are somehow random by linear ascension, is Poppy cock! The author in very simple mathematics, presents a simple evidence that by definition Prime numbers cannot be random (as is vastly proven in his publications), as their gaps are rational, divisible by 2 in several ways. The mathematical readers can deduce that by examination of the evidence presented here and the readers are referenced to the much more complex papers recently published, the understanding of which (may) be beyond the reach of current mathematicians.
    KEY WORDS: Random prime numbers, rational prime numbers.

  3. Here are the references on publications, this for the benefit of the meager in current mathematics . Yes my work is by the grace and power of Jesus Chris. Current mathematics is all wet by its base when it comes to the non-linear . Yes I also have a doctorate,, so what

    [1] Cameron.V. The first ever precise predictive prime number placement ,International journal of
    applied mathematics research 2(3)(2013)345-351) ( journal listed by the American mathematics) society)
    [2] Cameron. V. The spiral code of prime numbers, International journal of applied Mathematicsresearch2 (2) (2013)279-292)
    [3] Cameron. V. The unified Theorem at -1 (Vedic Zero), International Journal of Mathematics research, 2(2) (2013) 221-251)
    [4] Cameron .V, The disproof and fall of the Riemann’s hypothesis by quadratic base: The correct variable distribution of prime numbers by the clear mathematics of the half-line values (“Chan function”) of prime numbers, International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 2 (1) (2013) 103-110.
    [5] Cameron V, den Otter T. Prime numbers 2012. Jam Sci 2012; 8(7):329-334]. (ISSN: 1545-1003),
    [6] Cameron V, Prime number Coordinates and calculus J Am Sci, 2012; 8(10):9-10]. (ISSN: 1545-1003).
    [7] Cameron: Prime number19, Vedic Zero and the fall of western mathematics by theorem. International journal of applied mathematical research 2(1) (2013)111-115
    [8] Cameron: The rational variability of all empty space by prime number: International journal of applied mathematical research, 2(2) (2013)157

  4. Thanks. You have often been described as a crackpot by writers I generally consider reliable. Now readers will also have the counterbalance, and be able to explore for themselves how unfair that characterization is.


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    Very simply because your mathematics is wrong in its unified theory, although Pythagoras , Archemedes are precise, and its subsequent coordinates are approximate. I am a servant of JESUS CHRIST first and foremost and do everything by his grace:

    A Pythogoras traingle at 1:3, has sides which exact sqrt(9), and sqrt(10), and sqrt(1).

    The subtending angle in the PYTHAGORUS triangle at 1:3 is exact 360/19 degrees, with a 1/19 differential .(90 , 360/19 , 71+1/19)

    Now most importantly in the square, that at angle 360/19, the extension transects the opposite side (3) , into exact 1/3 and 2/3 ( 1+2) which alternates infinitly in the squared extension, because that line transects the diagonal of the next square exact at the center of the square( transects the diagonal at the precise center, and so on for ever.

    NOTE: 360/(360/19)=19, so figure the rest . Your Current mathematics is inprecise and hence dead , we told this to the "Annals of Mathematics , Princeton University" by a submitted Manuscript that is under review, not that Princeton is qualified to review this new mathematics , but they have a name

    By the way Prime numbers are placed in a new spiral sieve, which has been copyrighted to Annals of Mathematics , Princeton University. The spirals represent the infinte dimensions of the universe of Mathematic, the sieve is as below and resprsents the differential from the half line.


    5 (10)


  6. PLEASE do not argue the angle is 360/19, this has been extensively researched , your trigonometry is wrong because it lacks the -1 offset(1/120) for trigonometry, and by the way (360/19) * 4.75=90 precise. AND dear brothers and sisters 4.75*4=19 precise. Yes Jesus Christ is the understanding of science ( NO I do not reject any other religion)

  7. ONE more thing , smart ones .The thing about the "Nuclear energy" comment because it distorts my position, and undermines my credibility. Here is my position in the clear.

    The non- Collapsible curve between mass and energy is distorted by nuclear energy,(Einsteins equation is curved) a good computer based on not the current linear coordinate , but one based on -1 will be able to detect that in the atmospheric haze( because darn it energy dissiptes) , now THAT IS A THEORY BASED ON MATHEMATICS, the non collapsible curves involves certain specific prime number that I have determined. Some day by the grace of My lord Christ I hope I could expound on that , because it could save us from a catastrophe. If you do not understad this , leave it alone , I am just clearing my name

  8. COME ON , Where have all the accusers gone my Lord Jesus?

    What is the angle that subtends the pythagoras 1:3?? ( base is 3(sqrt(9), hypotenuse is sqrt(10) and the upright is sqrt(1). The mathematical angle is 360/19 degrees precise . That is the reason your Mathematics is in error"

    Come on fellows lets have it out on this, bring in your "Clowns"from your yester-years and contend the "loons".Yes your geometry is flawed!!! your math is flawed further more.

  9. Here to all you Bloggies, save your mathematics if you can.

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    The current Mathematics theory , the current emperor of mathematics has been struck a fatal blow to its heart in one of his finest Palaces , Princeton University. The ABSTRACT is as under. There is no doubt that Pythagoras , Archemedes,Euclid dressed mathematics correctly but failed to understand -1 correction at 19 , but the subsequent dressage of 500 years has been in great error , including not realizing that prime numbers are not random , but are alighned in spiral cone as already submitted to Annals of Mathematics , Princeton University. ". Hope research, Athens, Wisconsin will defend its mathematics parlay at any corrida of mathematics any where. "Ding Dong the King is dead"-- By the grace and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    PYTHAGORAS 1:3 (2013)
    Author: Vinoo Cameron MD
    Hope research, Athens Wisconsin
    1.0 .ABSTRACT
    The Author has pointed out a glaring error which is a poison pill for the current mathematics and it has been delivered to Annals of Mathematics, Princeton University by this second paper. The error is due to the failure of mathematics over time to adjust the offset of -1 as it applies to the calibrations that allow for precise matching of degrees to the 360 degree horizon .The intent is to alert the Annals of Mathematics of this major error in the mathematics, in this brief fashion, since mathematical brevity is more intense than is mathematical levity.

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  10. I ... admit that I am unable to refute any claims you make. You may take that as an admission of defeat if you wish. I don't know if it matters.

  11. Truth is singular GD, these claims of mine are all published. Either your current mathematics is the truth or mine , both cannot be true. So what is the true angle by your mathematics at 1:3 pythagoras as describled . My truth is 360/19. Its not a matter of defeat , no one wins or loses in science as long as we can honestly deal with each other

  12. Hey! GD you are a very refined fellow. I do not deal with arrogant people , but you are humble. I have to take a break now because I am 66 years old and must complete the spiral Prime number sieve. I may not comment much now, but you GD will always be my friend, for science is lonely,and Christ is my friend

  13. Is this the same theory published in the journal of the association of christians in the mathematical sciences