Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#570: Donald Chittick

Donald E. Chittick is a former Professor of Chemistry at George Fox University, and currently “adjunct professor of chemistry” at the ICR and member of the Creation Research Society. His main claims to fame rests on the authorship of “The Controversy: Roots of the Creation Evolution Conflict”, and on being one of the star witnesses for the State during the Arkansas creationist trial in 1980. Chittick has contributed overwhelming evidence in favor creationism in the form of hard-hitting empirical data such as “If the miraculous is rejected for early Genesis, then on what basis can it be accepted for the resurrection?” He is also one of those people who write “Christian” in dick quotes if used to characterize someone who supports evolution. He is, of course, on CMI’s list of scientists who accept a Biblical account of creation.

Diagnosis: Chittick may know a thing or two about chemistry, but it is likely that his understanding of scientific methodology has been acquired by the parrot method. He evidently doesn’t understand it in the slightest.

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