Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#559: Gary Cass

Gary Cass is executive director of the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, and president of the gloriously insane Christian Anti-Defamation Comission (CADC), an organization devoted to nurturing martyr- and persecution complexes – their mission is to be a ”champion of Christian religious liberty”, though it has approximately as much to do with liberty as you’d probably expect. To get the idea, you can see their list of ”top 10 most egregious acts of anti-Christian defamation, discrimination and persecution in America” in 2010 here, which includes the media’s criticisms of Pat Robertson’s views on the Haiti disaster, the appointment of Elena Kagan to Supreme Court, media criticism of TonyPerkins for saying that gay teens are suicidal because they know they are ”abnormal”, and the fact that Comedy Central was considering airing a new show called ”JC” based on the life of Jesus Christ. Persecution indeed.

The target of CDAC’s efforts is primarily homosexuality, which is a ”complete rebellion against God”, and Muslims, two of the greatest threats to religious liberty at present. Here is an example of Cass’s unwavering defense of religious liberty.

Cass was also among the bigots who urged a boycott of Ford because Ford advertises and sells cars to gay people, a clear violation of Cass’s religious freedom if ever there was one. He weighs in on the “It gets Better” campaign here to assure gay people that he’s going to do all he can to ensure that it doesn’t get better.

Cass, a True Christian™, may however be most famous for his profound arguments to the effect that Obama is not a true Christian: ”Obama can talk the talk and even have secret meetings with religious leaders, but he has no credibility as a true Christian. At best Obama is a deist or a Universalist, but according to his theology and his policies, he definitely is not a Christian.” The CDAC even issued Ten “Irrefutable Proofs” that Obama is not a Christian, listing things such as his Marxism (yes, the evidence for Marxism is the inference “I don’t like Marxism; I don’t like liberals; hence liberals are Marxists” – Cass’s version of the inference is given in detail here), his appointment of Elena Kagan as Supreme Court judge, Obamacare, and the fact that he was “an unabashed supporter of special privileges for homosexuals” (more evidence here). As an apropos, Cass has very often chastised the media for attacking the faith of political candidates, i.e. those candidates that agree with Cass politically – though not Romney, whose Mormon beliefs, according to Cass, appear to be unconstitutional. 

At this point you may of course wonder what it takes to be Christian, on Cass’s view? Well, according to Cass, at least you can’t be a Christian unless you own a gun.

In his review of “proofs” of discrimination like these Cass urged parents not to let their children watch Obama’s 2008 inauguration, the “most perverted [inauguration] in our nation’s history,” and he warned that God might destroy the nation’s capital because of it (apparently Ellen DeGeneres’s Christmas Special in 2010 was predicted to cause Armageddon as well). In a spirit of bipartisanship, Cass also attacked Glenn Beck for his Mormon faith, since Beck's religious commitment is clearly and unambiguously a violation of Cass’s religious freedom as well.

Cass was also a signatory to the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance’s campaign to show that global warming is a hoax.

He is featured in a useful roundup of wingnut reactions to the repeal of DADT here, and there is a fine Gary Cass resource here.

Diagnosis: A mind-bogglingly evil person whose rank insanity is just barely matched by his hypocrisy. Dangerous.


  1. Gary Cass is soliciting donations to spread incriminating evidence against the judge in Scott Lively's court case.