Sunday, May 26, 2013

#565: Brian Cherry

Brian Cherry is a freelance writer for Breitbart (and other venues) who focuses, it seems, on the godlessness of Hollywood and to provide raging, incoherent criticism of leftism in TV series, movies and music (Is Miley Cyrus the Next Leftist Trojan Horse Into Country Music?”), and knife-sharp analyses such as Hollywood has a problem. They are currently losing the cultural popularity contest. A new Pew research poll shows that only 33% of Americans have a favorable view of entertainment industry. By way of comparison, Rasmussen reports that 48% of the public identify with the Tea Party movement […] The answer is simple. It’s all about values.”

In general his analyses are as informed as his views on evolution. For the latter, he has pointed out for instance that “[D]espite the fact that a number of reputable scientists support this theory with credible scientific evidence [right..], it didn’t stop proponents of evolution to immediately yell that this [the Ohio board of Education considering teaching Intelligent Design] is a breach of contemporary view of the second amendment that separates church and state,” before attempting to argue that evolution is a religion, too. Furthermore, the whole theory of evolution is built on fraud, and to back up that assertion Cherry tries (in addition to a couple of outright lies) to use the example of the Piltdown man, an argument even Answers in Genesis warn creationists about using.

Diagnosis: Classic Hovind. Complete lack of knowledge is often a hallmark of zealotry, and Cherry delivers aplenty. A rabid, raving, totally confused enemy of reality, though probably, in the end, not a particularly signficant one. 

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