Friday, February 8, 2013

#413: John C. Whitcomb

One of the dinosaurs of the creationist movement, John Clement Whitcomb jr. is often credited for co-establishing the modern young earth creationist and creation science movement with Henry Morris, in particular in his capacity as co-author of the seminal “The Genesis Flood”, one of the most thorough and infamous misrepresentations of science currently in print. He also coauthored the hardly more accurate “The Moon: Its Creation, Form and Significance” with Don DeYoung and is currently a speaker for Answers in Genesis, where his favorite gambit for explaining recalcitrant geological evidence is Flooddidit.

Diagnosis: This elder unspeakable horror lairing somewhere in Indianapolis may currently be more or less retired, but is nevertheless one of the legends of the battle against science, truth and rationality conducted by the American Taliban. 

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