Friday, February 22, 2013

#435: Larry Adams

Larry Adams of Cross Bearer Ministries may not be a famous or particularly influential figure, but if you think Fred Phelps is too moderate in his views, you will qualify for an inclusion in this Encyclopedia regardless of actual influence. Adams was spotted at a rally organized by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in Indianapolis with a sign calling for gays to be killed (with the standard Leviticus quote). The sign featured two nooses with the comment “The solution to gay marriage”.

You can see an interview with him here. NOM – Maggie Gallagher’s group – is also the group behind this.

Apparently Larry Adams has a penchant for setting up weird, fanatically extremist signs at random places in Indianapolis providing his takes on, among other things, Islam, Mormonism, and creationism vs. evolution. A sample can be found here.

Diagnosis: In serious need of love, friendship and caring, Larry Adams may be a village original rather than a particularly influential figure, but given his hate-fuelled delusions about how the world works and should work he may easily end up doing some real damage.

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