Sunday, February 3, 2013

#405: George Weber

George Weber is a former director of the Biologic Institute, the Discovery Institute’s think-tank devoted to justifying Intelligent Design Creationism (well covered here). Weber, who belongs to the Spokane chapter of Reasons to Believe, an old-earth creationist organization, was apparently the only director willing to speak to New Scientist when they tried to do a piece on the institute. During the interview, Weber said that “[W]e are the first ones doing what we might call lab science in intelligent design,” and that “[t[he objective is to challenge the scientific community on naturalism.” Of course, given the purpose of the Biologic Institute, to get a hardcore religious Trojan Horse into the scientific community (or more accurately, to win children for Jesus by getting Intelligent Design into public schools), deceit is imperative, and Weber’s revelation of the Institute’s blatantly anti-science goals was not well received among his fellow directors. Weber subsequently lost his position. The institute’s founder Douglas Axe claimed that Weber lost the position because he “was found to have seriously misunderstood the purpose of Biologic and to have misrepresented it.” Which he did not, of course.

Diagnosis: Anti-science fundie loon who turned out to be too honest for his own good (but still a true loon). Apparently relatively neutralized by now.

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