Thursday, February 28, 2013

#444: David W. Allan

David W. Allan is a researcher working on TIME (Time Interval Metrology Enterprise) to solve the big questions of physics. He has made some important discoveries, for instance that diallel lines which emanate radially from all bodies and carry gravity at more than the speed of light. They also carry information (hat tip). Which means that we have to be wary because “Just as the Internet is not discriminating in what sort of information is passed through its lines, likewise, the demonic elements also convey their messages of deception via diallel lines.” Well. His theory is explained (or whatever you might call it) here. I think it may be worth a read even if you know very little about physics (it should be said that Allan seems to know metrology, but its not quite the same). Here’s a list of “validations”, which one would think meant detailed predictions and results, but it doesn’t.

Apart from the presentation of his revolutionary theory on physics his website contains ravings against evolution (“those who do not accept it or are not willing to teach it have often been expelled.  (See Ben Stein’s movie: Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed). Darwin ’s theory implicitly teaches that there was no fall of Adam and Eve – bypassing it with the idea that man is evolved from lower forms of life. If there were no fall, then there is no need for an atonement. So implicitly, Darwin’s teachings are anti-Christ [notice how fundies often describe evolution as "Darwin's teachings"] and often lead to atheism. This theory has had a great negative impact on the morality of mankind”) and some insane cryptoscience, for instance this one, which according to Allan shows that North American ruins from the second century AD proves that Mormonism is true (a rather common claim among Mormon crackpots, in fact). DNA provides evidence for the veracity of the Book of Mormon as well, apparently (Allan seems to base his musings on the ramblings of one Rodney Meldrum).

Diagnosis: Might well be just a fundie with a website (I cannot find much independent info on the TIME enterprise), and his impact is probably pretty limited.

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