Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Scott Adams is unhappy with his entry, and has therefore clarified his position on e.g. evolution. I have therefore updated the entry (no, no pressure - no one suggested that I should do so). Though the comment strikes one as backpedalling rather than clarification, it nevertheless emphasizes that Adams does, indeed, accept evolution and reject intelligent design. As long as that's the case it doesn't really matter what he may or may not have said in the past. We document loons, and pride ourselves on accountability ("staring into the abyss" and so on), so we have updated Adams's entry, and because we value accountability, we also inform about the modification in a separate post that will appear at the top of the page.


  1. I'm glad he responded and I'm glad that you're updating. I've been reading Scott's blog/newsletter/etc for almost 10 years now. He constantly puts out "thought experiments" that aren't meant to be taken literally. More than that, he is constantly reminding his readers that he has no special expertise in most topics.

    There are a million "loons" that don't end up on your list - I presume you only include people that are public figures that are trying to propagandize a loony point of view. I don't think Scott is trying to propagandize anything, he's just trying to get people to think. And I think that's a good thing!

  2. He's still a jerk, though, and not terribly funny nor very intelligent.

  3. I really can't see any fair reason to describe Scott Adams as a loon. He's not a fractally wrong star-child or bombastic ideologue; he seems to respond to criticism in a considered way. I don't agree with some of the stuff he's said recently, but I believe he is a rational being and, like me, his opinions change with new information.

    Will you include James Randi on here for his short lived views on climate change?

    Will you include every Ron Paul Supporter on here?
    Scratch that, Paulbots are mental!

    Actually, have you done Ron Paul yet? Now there's a real loon! :)