Sunday, March 2, 2014

#937: Ron McVan

Pretty sure this is
our guy.

This is an easy one. Ron McVan is an American white nationalist Odinist who has written several feeble books on, well, it seems to be some kind of Viking fetishism, mixed with conspiracy theories. McVan’s grand idea is that all Aryans should unite to form “a Pan Aryan World Federation of Euro-ethnic tribes” to avoid extinction. As he points out “Aryankind are now facing the total extinction of their race, culture and heritage,” and we let that happen because “[i]n our apathy we have chosen to alienate ourselves from our own kind and toss the Aryan gauntlet of world conquest into the gutter. We now cringe at the very name of our species ‘ARYAN’ [which, by the way, is not exactly time-old identity designation] and speak of it only in whispers behind closed doors [yeah, right] in dreadful anticipation that it will offend someone.” Indeed, “[o]ur backs we have turned on our ethnic gods and heroes of legend,” partially, one assumes, that just because the fact that some gods are part of a cultural heritage don’t make them any less silly, and “[w]e breed freely with other races while we murder our own Aryan children with abortion and birth control pills.”

But this is not just a natural development; oh noes, it is intentionally guided by a grand conspiracy. According to McVan, the world is controlled by the “Power Elite” who have be zealously fighting the Aryans for hundreds of years. They are Marxists: “Karl Marx the founder of Marxism was a Jew and Jews in general have a natural tendancy [sic] to gravitate towards Marxism as many Jews see the breakdown of Aryankind as the only ticket to gain their own grip on world power and control.” Yes, that’s the level at which this is pitched.

McVan collaborated for a while with one Katja Lane (formerly of the late David Lane) on 14 Words Press, a publishing company for white nationalist and Wotanist materials. They later had a falling out, however (I admit I borrowed most of this entry from that link).

Diagnosis: The dimmer they are, the more fervently they believe that they belong to some sort of chosen group, it seems, and McVan is as dim as they come. Though his ideology is fuelled by hate, McVan is probably mostly harmless. 


  1. It's mostly borrowed from here, but please feel free to point out errors.

  2. "The dimmer they are, the more fervently they believe that they belong to some sort of chosen group"

    You mean like Jews?

  3. I challenge you to make these remarks to Mr McVan's face in preference to hiding behind your keyboard using an anonymous identity.

    1. LOL! Says the person with the screen name ANONYMOUS! I, CHRISTOPHER A. HARPER, would have ZERO problems saying anything to anyone's face. IDK what "challenge" you are referring to. He's a MAN just like me.

  4. The only,thing feeble is your commentary.

  5. I have known Ron for 30+ years and consider him to be a great man. What is so wrong about standing up for your own race? Why is it that other races can have signs, T-shirts, etc. claiming things like "Black Power, etc. but if you have a T-shirt claiming "White Power" you are a "racist", etc?